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Snowden Documents Reveal the NSA Has Been Tracking Bitcoin Users Since at Least 2013

A series of documents recently published by The Intercept shows that the NSA has been tracking Bitcoin users for years. The documents were provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. While many other federal agencies are paying private contractors, such as Chainalysis, to provide information on Bitcoin transactions and users, the US intelligence community has been running their own cryptocurrency surveillance ... Read More »

Over 200 Android Apps Are Tracking Users with Ultrasonic Beacons

A group of German researchers from Brunswick Technical University have discovered that at least 234 Android apps are employing ultrasonic tracking beacons to track users and their surroundings. In November of last year, British researchers from the University College London presented their findings on the privacy and security issues that plague ultrasonic tracking by advertisers, during a talk they delivered ... Read More »

Cross Browser Tracking Techniques

Web tracking has been evolving quickly. The first generation tracking technique adopts stateful, server-set identifiers, such as cookies and evercookie. After that, the second-generation tracking technique called fingerprinting emerges, moving from stateful identifiers to stateless— i.e., instead of setting a new identifier, the second-generation technique explores stateless identifiers like plug-in versions and user agent that already exist in browsers. The ... Read More »

Arizona Bill Would Ban Mandatory Tracking of Firearms By Blockchain

On January 17th, 2017, Arizona State Representative Paul Boyer introduced House Bill 2216, a piece of legislation which would ban the mandatory tracking of firearms with blockchain technology. The bill provides exceptions for firearm owners who voluntarily agree in writing to having their firearm tracked with blockchain technology, as well as an exception allowing law enforcement officers, who have obtained ... Read More »

Tutorial: How to Anonymously Check Your Tracking

This is a tutorial for how to anonymously check your tracking on domestic or international drug packages using Russian-only Tor exit nodes and the parcel tracking website www.trackitonline.ru (hosted in Russia). To give a primer why hiding your true IP address is important when querying a drug package tracking number, take this story as an example. The drug importer in ... Read More »

Police Log IPs, Making Arrest By Planting Own Nodes In Freenet

Law enforcement authorities have been planting their own nodes to Freenet in order to track down cyber criminals on the network. Freenet is an anonymous P2P network, which routes traffic using multiple nodes to hide the location of the users when they share files. Freenet is, by the way, often quoted by the media as part of the dark web ... Read More »