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Bank cards

More Charges against Ex Lakeville Principal Including Card Fraud and Identity Theft

Christopher Endicott, former principal of Lakeville has been handed fresh charges of stalking, card fraud, and identity theft. According to the court, Endicott illegally hacked into the computer system of the school and accessed personal details and financial cards of teachers and their families. He illegally obtained credit card information of the employees, including other sensitive data through this process. ... Read More »

TradeRoute Market Issues Security Fix After $100k Theft

On August 8, a user created a thread on the TradeRoute marketplace forums. The user requested that the TradeRoute administration examine a “strange” listing. The listing was for a “small house for children.” It was strange for several reasons. The first was the number of vendor accounts that someone had created in order to do something “sketchy.” One user noticed ... Read More »


Ricin Vendor Found Not Guilty of Darknet Distribution, Seeking Acquittal of Theft Charges

The Uppsala University PhD student who had been accused of multiple crimes, including selling ricin on the darknet, has started an acquittal process. There was only enough evidence to convict the 27-year-old with theft from the university—nothing more. We wrote about the case in early November after the lead prosecutor spoke to the press regarding the case. He believed the ... Read More »


Prosecutor Says the Ricin Vender Is Convicted of Theft and Distribution, Possibly Extortion

In early 2016, the FBI notified Swedish police of a 27-year-old doctoral student selling ricin on the darknet. The suspect sat in custody until his hearing in August where he was released pending a psych evaluation. The psych evaluation proved the man had no preexisting condition and consequently the trial proceeded as planned. Later, on October 25, the prosecutor made ... Read More »

FBI Investigating The Theft Of 1.3m Bitcoin From Massachusetts Man

The FBI is working with Massachusetts police to recover funds stolen from a Bitfinex user, Coindesk reports. An unnamed Cambridge, Massachusetts resident filed a police report in September, shortly after the company encountered a $70,000,000 Bitcoin theft. The theft was reportedly tied to the initial Bitfinex breach. Cambridge police took and filed the report but have since handed the case ... Read More »

Hackers Carrying Out Largest Theft Of Customer Data In US. History Facing Prison

Gery Shalon, Joshua Samuel Aaron, two hackers have been charged with arranging and executing massive cyber attacks against financial institutions, brokerage firms, financial news publishers in the United States. This includes the largest theft of customer data from a U.S. financial institution in history, which is the U.S. Financial Sector Hacks. The two man were also charged with the manipulation ... Read More »

Secret Service agent cops plea on SR1 theft

Take this in for a second, and it sounds even more insane than a particularly bad pulp novel; a serving Secret Service agent (you know, the guys whose job it is to protect the President) establishes a front company with an improbable sounding name, and an investment banking account to help launder ill gotten cash he stole from a criminal. ... Read More »

Preventing the Next Multi-Million Dollar Theft

Guest Post By Nadav Ivgi – Founder of Bitrated  (Our previous interview with Nadav can be found here) This week, a huge story broke about yet another “underground” marketplace that ran away with all user funds in escrow. Evolution, one of the biggest underground marketplaces, has now shut down after their admins pulled off one of the biggest heists to ... Read More »