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German States Prepare Upgraded Cybercrime Infrastructure

Germany’s Federal Office for Online Security (BSI) revealed the signing of a new agreement with the Rhineland-Palatinate Secretary of State that creates the framework for tighter cybersecurity cooperation between agencies. The relationship, they hope, will be the first steps towards a fully functioning state cyber security infrastructure. The agreement, signed in late September but only recently announced, is currently only ... Read More »

EU Member States to Respond to Cybercrime in Unison

In June, the European Council announced the “cyber diplomacy toolbox.” The toolbox is a set of guidelines for member countries when dealing with cybercrime. And more importantly how to uniformly handle cybercrime, cooperating with other European Union member states. The toolbox was designed so that any applicable cybercrime against a member state could warrant a joint retaliation by the EU ... Read More »

Four Members Of Criminal Group Arrested In The United States For Weapon Trafficking

In a multi-agency investigation, U.S. law enforcement authorities managed to arrest four suspects in Georgia. Two of the defendants were already charged with firearm trafficking. According to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice, the 28-year-old Gerren Johnson of Austell and the 29-year-old William Jackson of East Point were arrested in May. Court documents stated that the two ... Read More »

Russian Hacker Sentenced in One State, Two States to Go

In 2016, a federal jury in Washington convicted Roman Seleznev of 38 counts of various financial cybercrime charges. After the Washington court gave Seleznev a 27 year sentence, he traveled down south to Atlanta, GA. There, on May 19, a judge arraigned the 32-year-old Russian national on more cyber fraud charges. In another indictment—the Atlanta one—a federal jury charged Seleznev ... Read More »

Electronic Surveillance Requests are up 500 Percent in the United States

A recent release by the courts shows that electronic surveillance is up by 500 percent in and around Washing D.C.; including parts of Virginia. The release is broad, and general leaving many unanswered questions. Listing show that the growth of electronic surveillance by law enforcement has grown to new heights since the 1986 law that allowed the collection of user ... Read More »

Bitcoin can Kill the State’s War Machine

“War is the health of the state,” and money is the lifeblood of war. Money is the essential factor to any function of the state. Any government program, job, or any war must be funded by money. So, it is no wonder why the world’s governments were so eager to monopolize the supply of money. If only they had the ... Read More »