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Indicted Silk Road Admin Will Appeal Extradition Within 10 Days

Gary Davis, the Irishman ordered to be extradited to the U.S. in order to stand trial for his role as a Silk Road admin, told the press that he will be appealing the decision. Davis, formerly known as Libertas, has been fighting the extradition case for close to three years in opposition to “being dumped into an American Gulag to ... Read More »

Drug Sales on Darknet Markets Have Tripled Since the Silk Road Bust

The government’s push to take down the original Silk Road was motivated by several factors but one in particular was especially interesting. Congress wanted to cut off online drug trade before the industry could grow became a trend. But according to research, the exact opposite has happened. Deepweb drug sales have since tripled. According to a study conducted by Judith ... Read More »

Silk Road Moderator (SSBD) Gets Out Of Prison Receives Blue Card

Peter Phillip Nash, the former moderator of the Silk Road website, came out of jail after 18 months served. The man Charged with conspiring to traffic drugs and money laundering on the dark web, which carries a minimum of 10 years in prison for the, however, the court realized that Nash was only a minor player and not an “active” ... Read More »

Irishman Fighting Extradition to U.S. for His Part in Silk Road

The U.S. Government and Microsoft are squaring off with each other now over an Irishman wanted by the FBI. The Irishman, Gary Davis, from Wicklow (a.k.a Silk Road Admin Libertas) is currently fighting an extradition case to the United States in order to not face charged for is alleged involvement in Silk Road. Davis is said to have been another ... Read More »

Curtis Green Writes Silk Road Tell All, Needs Help with Cover Art

Anyone remember Curtis Green? One of the admins for Silk Road? Yes, the one Ross Ulbricht supposedly put a hit out on. Patrick Howell O’Neill from the Daily Dot reported yesterday that he’s back in the headlines, but this time it’s for his book. Known as chronicpain on Silk Road, Green was arrested and turned on Ulbricht and Silk Road ... Read More »

Long Road for the Email Privacy Bill as Its Delayed Again

Senators Mike Lee and Patrick Leahy asked that the email privacy bill be pulled from the Judiciary Committee’s agenda Thursday. This makes it look like it will be a bumpy road for this bill, as it’s markup was already delayed a week prior to this.  This bill is an amendment from John Cornyn the Senates Majority Whip that if passed, ... Read More »

Silk Road 2’s “DoctorClu” Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

The prosecutors in Silk road 2’s second highest admin “DoctorClu” case, got their wish as Brian Farrell was sentenced to eight years in prison Friday. It was the exact amount of time the prosecutors had asked for. Farrell, who went by DoctorClu on the copycat site, Silk Road 2; was the second highest administrator on the site. The sentencing came ... Read More »

German Police Arrests User Who Bought Weed On Silk Road Years Ago

An unnamed German user of the former Silk Road Marketplace and Outlaw Marketplace had been fined over €3,000 for ordering cannabis 17 times from dark net marketplaces. According to independent researcher Gwern Branwen, who the buyer just contacted, the customer’s 17 purchases varied from 1.5 and 7.4 grams of cannabis and the time frame when the purchases took place was ... Read More »

‘DoctorClu’ Pleads Guilty In Silk Road 2.0 Case

Earlier this month on March 11, a plea was entered into the District Court for the Western District of Washington where Brian Farrell admitted to being DoctorClu, one of the “key players” in Silk Road 2.0. With this admission, Farrell pleaded guilty to Conspiracy To Distribute Heroin, Methamphetamine, and Cocaine. He was charged with this because of his position on ... Read More »

Silk Road: Lafayette man pleads guilty to drug smuggling online

A Lafayette man has pleaded guilty to purchasing drugs from overseas online and shipping them to himself. Michael Munro Jr., 37, of Lafayette, pleaded guilty to one count of smuggling controlled substances and one count of possession with intent to distribute Schedule IV narcotics, according to a press release from the U.S. District Attorney’s Office. According to the guilty plea, ... Read More »

Silk Road Vendors PlutoPete and RichieRich Sentenced to 5 Years

According to the British NCA: One of the Silk Road’s most renowned British vendors and his business partner have been sentenced to a total of ten years after an NCA investigation uncovered the buying and selling of a catalogue of illegal drugs, including crack cocaine and methamphetamine. The pair publically claimed they were running a legitimate business selling legal highs. ... Read More »

Corrupt Silk Road Secret Service Agent Arrested – Again

Shaun Bridges (33), the crooked Secret Service agent who stole money while he was supposed to investigate the Silk Road Marketplace, has been arrested again. He was arrested on Jan 28 at his home in Laurel, Maryland. It was just a day before he was supposed to turn himself in to serve the 71 months sentence, which was ruled on ... Read More »