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Belgian Researcher: Authorities Should Be Prepared For The Breakthrough Of Cryptocurrencies

According to a researcher, all Belgian investigation services, the tax inspection to law enforcement authorities, must prepare for the breakthrough of virtual money. Dirk Dierickx, head of the E-Audit of the Belgian tax authorities who specializes in both bitcoins and altcoins, stated that since virtual currencies are not regulated, they are very susceptible to fraud. The researcher shared his experiences ... Read More »


Hacker Who Tried To Frame Security Researcher in 2013 – Sentenced To Prison

A 31-year-old hacker from Ukraine, was sentenced to 41 months in prison for serious crimes, including ordering heroin from a narcotics vendor on the Silk Road Marketplace to security researcher Brian Krebs’ home. The cybercriminal is known by various names (both in the “real world” and on the dark net), including Sergey Vovnenko, Sergey Vovnencko, Tomas Rimkis, Flycracker, Flyck, Fly, ... Read More »


Dutch Researcher: 23,000 Webshops Infected With Malware

According to internet security expert Willem de Groot, more than 23,000 merchants in the Netherlands are infected with malware that automatically sends payment details to the hackers. More and more Dutch webshops are infected with malicious software that sends sensitive customer information to foreign cybercriminals. When victims enter their credit card details on malware infected websites, the data is automatically ... Read More »