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Crystal Meth

Crime Stoppers Focuses on Darknet to Launch Crystal meth Campaign

In response to drug abuse data released in Port Augusta, crime stoppers have decided to go all out to launch a campaign against it. The campaign aims to block the flow of ice into the country with much focus on the Darknet. Crime Stoppers recently launched a similar campaign which sought to do three things: Make the call, cut the ... Read More »


Examining Port Scan Attacks Via Data From Darknets

Port scanning is a preliminary approach that is most commonly used by hackers in order to determine vulnerable hosts that they can attack successfully. Scanning is a fully automated process that is utilized by hackers to detect machines, servers and peripherals that exist on a given network. A successful scan can yield details of machines discovered on the scanned network ... Read More »

VPN Service Providers With Port Forwarding Affected By IP Leak

Perfect Privacy has discovered and posted about a potential attack vector on VPN service providers’ network that could be exploited by hackers or law enforcement agencies. “Port Fail”, if used by an attacker could result in the unmasking of the VPN user’s real IP address. The vulnerability point affects VPN service providers that offer the forwarding option and have no ... Read More »