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Harpooning the StingRay: How to Detect and Avoid IMSI Catchers that Spy on Cellular Phones and Internet

Across the world law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, and militaries are deploying technology known as IMSI catchers. This technology enables government to conduct mass surveillance of cellular phone and internet activity, intercepting both metadata and content. These cell site simulators also provide the ability to track the location of all mobile devices in the area, and the ability to hack ... Read More »

CIA Forced to Hack Phones To Snoop on Signal and WhatsApp Users

Wikileaks has released Vault 7, the first part in a series of leaks which comprise the largest leakage of secret CIA documents ever. The data Wikileaks obtained was taken from the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence. The leaks revealed that as of 2016, the CIA uses at least 26 “weaponized” zero days and techniques, developed by the NSA and the ... Read More »

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A Bitcoin Framework For Sending Bitcoins Using Low-end Mobile Phones

Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) currency that was innovated to provide a payment system that omits the need for banks and third party intermediaries. In some parts of the developing world, bank fees can be unaffordable, especially in poor rural communities. Moreover, access to retail banking services can be limited in such areas, which can lead to imbalances in ... Read More »

Feds Forcing People to Unlock Phones via Fingerprint Raises Major Privacy Concerns

Federal prosecutors in California have twice pushed the boundaries regarding law enforcement’s ability to access cellphones. Two warrants recently received judicial approval, allowing authorities to require fingerprints from suspects with iPhones. After the recent incidents in California, Fourth and Fifth Amendment questions began surfacing. Both protect citizens from unreasonable search and seizure and compelled self-incrimination, respectively. The legal status of ... Read More »

New Bill To Require ID To Purchase Prepaid Phones

Jonestown survivor State Representative Jackie Speier of California introduced a bill last week that would “require purchasers of pre-paid mobile devices or SIM cards to provide identification, and for other purposes.” In a press release about Speier’s bill introduction, “burner” phones were described as “pre-paid phones that terrorists, human traffickers, and narcotics dealers often use to avoid scrutiny by law ... Read More »

Mobile phones and Bitcoin adoption in Africa

Africa has been recognized as the continent with the world’s fastest growing market for mobile phones. High mobile phone penetration, has spawned a myriad of opportunities for business due to the gadgets  providing multiple functions that enable internet connectivity, data and voice communication, transfer of photos/video and money. Huge market As financial services provision increasingly embrace more electronic transactions, The ... Read More »