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Evil Ransom: Infect Two People, Receive Free Decryption Key

On December 7, the MalwareHunterTeam, a company which operates a popular platform called CyberTracker, discovered a first-of-its-kind ransomware that grants a free decryption key to a victim that successfully infects two more people with the same ransomware. Conventionally, when a victim or a computer operator is infected with ransomware, its creators demand a ransom for an decryption key to gain ... Read More »

How Hackers Infect You For Fun and Profit?

Every internet user has to have been affected by malware at some point in their life.  This is not a surprise, as computer viruses seem to be nearly more infectious than real, biological pathogens! According to PandaLabs, they have neutralized over 20 million malware threats in the first quarter of 2016 alone (That’s 27,000 samples a day!)  Despite the security ... Read More »