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Soldier Jailed After Filming Himself Rape Child on the Darknet

A 50 year-old Freiburg man will serve an 8 year prison sentence after being found guilty of raping children. It was revealed he also shared his videos on the dark web. The verdict came in last week at the local district court in Germany. He was also ordered to pay 12,500 euros for court fees rendered. Image courtesy of Süddeutsche ... Read More »

Man Arrested for Secretly Filming Children in Restrooms

Jonathan Oldale, a 54-year-old Maryland man, allegedly placed a backpack with a hidden camera in the bathroom of a Silver Spring gymnastics center. The backpack, easily attributable to Oldale, led police to his house and other devices he kept at home. On at least one device, the police found evidence that Oldale had been using the darknet and that he ... Read More »

Man Get Prison Time for Filming and Uploading CP to the Darknet

The Périgueux Criminal Court, in early January, sentenced a 31-year-old pedophile for sexual assault against four children and distributing child pornography on the darknet. The court followed the prosecution’s request and handed down a prison sentence of 10 years. Not only did he abuse several children, he also uploaded videos of the abuse to child pornography forums on the darknet ... Read More »