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Europol Joint Investigation Puts 20 Cybercriminals in Police Custody

The Romanian National Police, the Italian National Police and Europol, all teamed up to hunt cyber criminals across Europe. Following years of investigation and raids, 20 cyber criminals were arrested for being in connection with a €1 million fraud. The joint investigation resulted in the arrest of the Carbanak gang leader. The Carbanak gang was arrested days before the Romanian ... Read More »

Two Finnish Dark Web Drug Dealers Busted and Put in Custody.

According to the Poliisi’s website drugs category, Finland has witnessed a surge in online drug trade. Designer drugs use have alarmingly increased and are viewed as the latest and greatest threat. These drugs are being delivered via the postal system. Customs authorities in Finland have been very instrumental in seizing drug packages ordered from the dark web, they do so ... Read More »


Tor Node Operator Freed from Custody

Dmitry Bogatov was arrested on April 6th, in Moscow, charged with “inciting terrorist activities”. The basis of these allegations was that Bogatov had posted a still image from rapper Jay-Z’s “No Church in the Wild” music video. Yes, that’s right. Bogatov was arrested for supposedly posting an American music video. Granted, the still image was one of a gang of ... Read More »

Swiss Convict Who Escaped From Custody Confessed

Tobias Kuster, a Swiss convict serving his prison time, escaped from custody last year. While he was on the run, he allegedly murdered a man and attempted to order a gun from the dark web. He was arrested in January. Earlier this month, the convict confessed and new information was revealed in the investigation. It is now clear that undercover ... Read More »

Dark Web Vendors In Custody as Analysts Examine Their Computers

The public prosecutor’s office in Ravensburg announced a successful operation against a dark web drug trafficking ring. Well, they announced the successful completion of part of an operation – one that still needed work. But assistance from the public would help with the final steps. Since the start of this year, officers gathered intel on a five-headed group of dark ... Read More »

Escaped convict and suspected murderer finally apprehended

Swiss Convict’s Ex-Girlfriend Released From Custody

The ex-girlfriend of Tobias Kuster, a convict in Switzerland, was released from custody. Tobias Kuster, a 23-year-old man currently serving five and half years in prison for violent crimes, did not return to the Pöschwies Prison Office from an unaccompanied parole on June 23, 2016. According to official court documents, the suspect was involved in the murder of a 43-year-old ... Read More »

Federal Agents Want Suspect To Be Remanded In Custody In NSA Case

Harold T. Martin III was arrested in last August and was charged with keeping top secret materials from the NSA in his home and car. Now, federal prosecutors want to order continued detention for the Maryland man. According to court documents, FBI agents managed to recover about 50,000 gigabytes of material from Martin, which would be equivalent to 500 million ... Read More »

U.S. Man in custody After 750 grams of MDMA is Found with His Name on It

Joshua Lucas, a 26-year-old from Norwalk, Connecticut, is facing serious charges after a package addressed to him was intercepted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The package contained over 750 grams of MDMA, the substance commonly known as the street drug ecstasy. Border Protection contacted Norwalk police and alerted them to the situation. A controlled drop of the package was ... Read More »