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Jailed Child Porn Admin Testifies Against Co-Admin

Shannon Grant McCoole (33), the former administrator of the notorious The Love Zone child porn site, provided evidence against a Danish man who allegedly helped him in the administering of the illegal website. McCoole has been sentenced to 35 years by South Australian court for child porn related charges. McCoole, who is kept in protective custody and under 24-hour surveillance ... Read More »

Hospital Radiographer Sentenced For Huge Child Porn Collection

Christopher Daldorph (45), a hospital radiographer from Weston-super-Mare, has been sentenced to 2 years and 4 months by Bristol Crown Court for the possession of a huge child porn collection. According to the law enforcement authorities, 141,539 child porn images and videos were found on the man’s computer, but officials believe that his full collection had more than a million ... Read More »

University Helped FBI In Silk Road 2 And Child Porn Busts

According to official court documents, an unnamed academic institution has been providing information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in certain cases, including the Silk Road 2 bust and a child porn case. In January, Brian Richard Farrell from Seattle, AKA. DoctorClu was busted by the FBI. According to official documents, Farell was the main staff member of Silk Road ... Read More »

Mapperley Fantasy Gamer Jailed For Possessing Images Of Child Porn

Thomas Woolnough, a casino worker who has an interest in fantasy games, has been jailed for 6 months for the possession of sexual images of children that he obtained from the dark web. He had been previously convicted for the possession of sexually explicit images of children in 2011, in addition to that, he was also caught for the same ... Read More »

Man Jailed For 30 Months For Exchanging CP On Dark Net Sites

Joel Morter (25) has been jailed for using dark web CP (child porn) websites for exchanging under-aged sex media and for making under-aged girls strip off naked in front of a webcam. When police have raided Morter’s house they found him at his computer reading child abuse stories online. Law enforcement authorities have found 919 child porn related content, including ... Read More »

Child Porn Ring Admin Lux Pleads Guilty

Matthew David Graham, A.K.A. Lux, has pleaded guilty to 13 child porn-related charges. The 22-year-old man residing in Melbourne was not only a babysitter for young children, but he was running a big CP ring on the darknet under the username of Lux. The website he was running was specialized in hurtcore porn, which means that the children, babies and ... Read More »

Darknet Child Porn Ring Busted In Israel

If you are following the news of the deep web then you will be pretty much surprised by this news. Most of the “happenings” are in North America, Australia, the UK and in Western Europe, however, this article is about a pedophile ring that has been taken down by the Israeli police. According the information that has been given out ... Read More »

Australian Man Accused Of Running An International Child Porn Ring

There have been quite some events regarding child pornography. If you can remember, there was a case when the FBI has busted a large CP website that had around 215.000 users. Also, there has been a pretty weird case on a child pornography domain where the site admin has set up a system (crowdfunding platform) that allows members to mine ... Read More »