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Bitcoin news round-up 09.06.2014

Bitcoin’s price has dropped slightly this week after seeing exceptional gains of 30% last week following the bitcoin conference in Amsterdam and news that Apple’s app store would take a more lenient approach to allowing use of the virtual currency in apps. Bitcoin currently stands at $646.20, down slightly from $658.79 on Monday 2 June. Despite last week’s solid growth ... Read More »

Bitcoin news round-up 3.6.14

Last week, Bitcoin crossed the $600 barrier for the first time since March 20 and is currently sitting at $660, gaining 4.7% in value over the past 24 hours, or 65% in the last month. Significant rises in value were spurred by announcements that Apple’s app store and DISH Network would start accepting the currency. The coin had suffered a ... Read More »

Perspectives of Bitcoin Valuation

Starting in 2011, Bitcoin’s drastic increase in value led what tended to be an amateur group of crypto-currency enthusiasts to wade into the unchartered waters of currency speculation. An entirely new ecosystem of forums, exchanges, startups and “whales” began to emerge as new fortunes were made and anecdotes of the latest millionaire who rediscovered a two-year-old hard drive were posted ... Read More »

Hipster no more? Bitcoin making its way to the mainstream!

By: Keno13 Bask in the ambiance while you can boys and girls, as you are currently enjoying Bitcoin “before it becomes cool” according to worldwide financial experts. Bitcoin, in all of its volatile, semi-anonymous beauty is starting to become recognized beyond the world of the Dark Net – Also known as “society”. With the first Bitcoin ATM being launched in ... Read More »

Bitcoin Exchanges Subpoenaed Over Silk Road Related Transactions

As it was published in this WSJ article: U.S. authorities have opened a new front in their investigation into bitcoin exchanges and other businesses that deal in the online currency, examining possible ties between the firms and the online drug bazaar Silk Road, according to people familiar with the matter. The new focus of the investigation is the latest indication ... Read More »

Airbitz & Dark Wallet Win Bitcoin Hackathon with DarkMarket!

Ver interesting project, Source of the information is here: https://go.airbitz.co/airbitz-dark-wallet-win-bitcoin-hackathon-darkmarket/  Reddit discution: http://www.reddit.com/r/DarkNetMarkets/comments/23m79j/darkmarket_a_decentralized_peertopeer_marketplace/ Last week, the Airbitz team hit the road and attended two different but equally valuable conferences, Inside Bitcoins NYC and Bitcoin Expo Toronto. This was a great opportunity to meet hundreds of bitcoin enthusiasts, industry experts and evangelists. However, a welcome first face-to-face meeting with some friends that we’ve been ... Read More »

Introducing Bitrated: Bitcoin Arbitration Marketplace

One of the most needed things in the DarkNetMarket Scene, is without a doubt, more Multisig based services, few days ago we were introduced to some open source and 100% free solution for arbitration services in bitcoin transactions using multisigs, the service is called Bitrated and it can be accessed here: It turned out that we are more or less ... Read More »

Bank Zachodni WBK – Cashing out Bitcoin through Prepaid VISA Cards

This is a great post we found on the Silk Road forums – taken from the old forums (http://dkn255hz262ypmii.onion.rent/index.php?topic=210987) and now posted in this url (http://silkroad5v7dywlc.onion.rent/index.php?topic=596.0) by a user called Oneiros Distribution – explaining how to cash out bitcoins using pre paid visa cards trough some polish bank, it started some debate if such information should be released or not, ... Read More »

Down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole: Is the Currency Truly Anonymous?

Researchers have asked a very important question about the bitcoin, a question that has spurred the unregulated currency’s popularity, as well as its controversy: is bitcoin anonymous, or can it be tracked? The conclusion they found: yes. One of the major reasons why this has become such an important question in recent months is because of how many comparatively large ... Read More »