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Facebook’s VPN is Predictably Bad for User Privacy

Users of the Facebook app on Apple’s iPhones may have recently noticed a protect button appear on the app. The protect button on the new Facebook app for iOS asks users to download the Virtual Private Network (VPN) app called Onavo Protect. In 2013, Facebook bought Onavo, a mobile analytics corporation based out of Tel Aviv, Israel, for $200 million. ... Read More »

LSD Purchase Went Bad: Three Arrested In Romania

Three suspects were arrested in Romania for ordering large amounts of LSD along with hash. The defendants allegedly used the dark web to place orders for the narcotics. Due to the large amounts of drugs, Romanian law enforcement authorities are suspecting that the trio sought to resell the substances to local customers. According to a press release published by the ... Read More »

Why does Dash have a bad reputation?

*This article is meant to present an unbiased review of Dash (formerly darkcoin) and the facts surrounding it. I do not hold any of the coins mentioned (including Monero) in this article in any quantity.* So you may have seen announcements recently about Monero being introduced in addition to Bitcoin on several darknet markets such as Alphabay. Monero is a ... Read More »

Senate Bill Asks For Ways to Stop Bad People From Using Tor

A new bill going through Congress wants to stop “bad people from using Tor. It not only provides a safe haven for online activists and whistle-blowers for people in oppressed countries, but also for criminals, drug users, and pedophiles. The people behind the Tor project aren’t known for taking too kindly to oppressive, intrusive, surveillance minded governments. To go even ... Read More »

Anti Encryption Bill Spells Bad News for National Security

A couple of days ago, a first draft of the anti-encryption bill from Senators Richard Burr(R-NC) and Dianne Feinstein(D-CA) came to light and suffered instant backlash from security experts. The new law has been labeled so bad that only would it make the some of the NSA’s own work illegal, but it would also outlaw some of the things we’ve ... Read More »

Silk Road Trial: Week 2 – From Bad to Worse and Beyond

The defense is now on the back foot. More articles about the Silk road trial at this tag: #SilkRoadTrial It would be a stretch to say the Ulrbicht defense effort suffered anything but a remarkably negative week last week; a major setback in the picture it had sought to paint for the jury regarding reasonable doubt as to DPR’s identity, ... Read More »

National Cybersecurity Policy – Good or Bad?

Dan Geer, the chief information security officer for In-Q-Tel and the keynote speaker at this year’s Black Hat conference, is undoubtedly one of the smartest people in any room he walks in to. His presence at Black Hat was somewhat precarious given his position at a firm responsible for providing the C.I.A. and other U.S. intelligence agencies with information technology, ... Read More »


Bad Timing

A good example of bad timing, cracked me up. It takes quite a bit of skills to time farts. I have seen so many examples of people who tried to hide their farts under external sounds fail painfully. It is much easier to take a step outside and do what you needed done. If that is not possible, you can ... Read More »

tow truck fail

From bad to worse

Ever had an incident that see things going from bad to worse when you got someone into the loop, who was supposed to be the solution? This video exhibit a sentiment of what I think of many customer service centres. I have recently experienced an incident where I called for help, only to make things worse after following their instructions. Read More »


Bad Names

 Bad names can create a lot frustrations for your child later in their lives. I know there’s this Malay guy in Singapore who was named Batman Bin Suparman. Pretty cool, if you’re are the dad. But this poor guy has got to live with all the jokes probably the rest of his life. Soon-t0-be parents, remember this: Naming your child ... Read More »

Bad Tattoos

A Bad Tattoo

  Tattoos can be a display of your individuality. But what if, you get the wrong tattoo artist? If this tattoo was meant to emit a sense of realism, then I would say it has failed considerably badly. That’s why I always tell myself if I ever wanted a tattoo, it will be focused much on conceptual art. I can ... Read More »

Visitable Juice

Bad Advertisements

  It amuses me when I wonder why advertisements can contain misspelled words. I have came across countries where English is not a first language, and yet poster advertisements were written in it. Secondly, why would fresh vegetable juice warrant an advertisement of this scale? Wherever this is, it makes me feel like I can even make fresh water sound ... Read More »