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Anderson Township Man Sentenced to 3 Years for Providing Dark Web Child Porno Links to an Undercover Agent.

On November 9, an Anderson Township man was sentenced to 3 years in prison by U.S District Judge Susan J. Dlott, for aiding and abetting another individual in accessing child pornography. The sentence was announced by Benjamin C. Glassman, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, and Steve Francis, Special Agent in charge, Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). James ... Read More »


FBI Has Tools to Identify Anonymous “Sextortionists,” Agent Says

According to Jay Abbott, special agent in charge of the FBI office in Indianapolis, the FBI “have tools” to identify criminals on the darknet. During an interview on “sextortion” with Indianapolis news center WIBC, Abbott explained the darknet (internet anonymity) and a the connection to extortion—in light of two recent cases. For some reason, the “abduction” of Chloe Ayling in ... Read More »

Two Dutch Brothers Arrested For Ordering Explosives From Undercover FBI Agent

Two brothers, 22-year-old Ali and 19-year-old Yusuf, were arrested in the Netherlands for ordering 500 grams of Semtex, a plastic explosive from the dark web. The explosive is mostly used in commercial blasting, demolition, and in certain military applications. However, Semtex became a popular tool for terrorists and paramilitary groups since it was extremely difficult to detect, until recently. According ... Read More »


Ross Ulbricht’s Lawyers Found a Another Corrupt DEA Agent in Silk Road Case

The Silk Road case exemplified images associated with corrupt law enforcement officers. Carl M. Force, a former DEA agent, extorted 80 bitcoins from the owner of the Silk Road marketplace. Shaun W. Bridges, ex-Secret Service, stole money using admin accounts. A Federal judge gave them both prison time. But now, Ross Ulbricht’s defense team found signs of a third corrupt ... Read More »

An interview with Ex-NSA Agent and New Cybersecurity Comic Author

Ex NSA Analyst, Oren Falkowitz left the agency in 2012 and went on to co-found two different start-ups, Sqrrl, and Area 1 Security; both of which analyze and stop cyber threats. His latest venture, Pineapple Sparkle, is a comic book he uses to showcase his thoughts on America’s current state of online security. Falkowitz says that the book is being ... Read More »

Corrupt Secret Service Agent Has a Frivolous Appeal, Says His Lawyer

Shaun Bridges, the corrupt Secret Service agent involved in the Silk Road case, may be losing his third lawyer as his situation grows bleaker. His current lawyer claims the latest appeal by Bridges is frivolous and wishes to withdraw herself from the case. Bridges was sentenced to serve 6 years in a federal prison in December 2015 after pleading guilty ... Read More »

Corrupt Silk Road Secret Service Agent Arrested – Again

Shaun Bridges (33), the crooked Secret Service agent who stole money while he was supposed to investigate the Silk Road Marketplace, has been arrested again. He was arrested on Jan 28 at his home in Laurel, Maryland. It was just a day before he was supposed to turn himself in to serve the 71 months sentence, which was ruled on ... Read More »

Second Former Government Agent Sentenced to 71 Months

Former Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges has been sentenced to 71 months in prison for his involvement in stealing from the Silk Road site, while performing several federal investigations of the website. Bridges’ sentence is the second for the team of government agents that went rogue to make fast money. Bridges along with his partner, former Drug Enforcement Agent Carl ... Read More »

Pharma Agent Buying Drugs From Darknet Markets For Testing

Tim Ramsey, a 59 years old ex-policeman is hired by pharmaceutical companies to buy prescription drugs from DNMs (darknet markets) for test purposes. He is mostly looking for pharmaceutical drugs that are either fake or made in untested labs and sold as counterfeit pills or tabs. “People are being driven by desperation to buy drugs on the darknet,’’ stated Ramsey, ... Read More »

Secret Service agent cops plea on SR1 theft

Take this in for a second, and it sounds even more insane than a particularly bad pulp novel; a serving Secret Service agent (you know, the guys whose job it is to protect the President) establishes a front company with an improbable sounding name, and an investment banking account to help launder ill gotten cash he stole from a criminal. ... Read More »

The 2 Federal Agent Embezzlement Complaint Excerpts

By Gwern, Obviously. Possible implications? read:  Ross Ulbricht’s lawyer: Alleged police corruption casts doubt on entire Silk Road trial – At the DailyDot by Patrick Howell O’Neill. The excerpts from the criminal complaint (scroll down for the full version): Throughout 2012 and 2013, both FORCE and BRIDGES had significant responsibilities related to Baltimore’s investigation. In this capacity, FORCE was the ... Read More »