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Down – Cocaine specialists – providing Excellent product and service, to customers throughout Europe. started vending on Agora and Evolution in 2014. Now opened their own onion shop.

  • Scammed again reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

I used the link provided here, registered and checked out via their store. I paid instantly then a short time after I was sent an email saying that there was a problem with my order.

That was over a week ago and I have heard nothing back despite several emails to their support team.

Just look at the feedback on their own store (lustorecibkvrjhj.onion.sale.link/user/login?destination=node/98%23comment-form).

Anyone on here giving a good review is part of the L-U scamming team.

If you order you will only be purchasing regret. Don’t make the same mistake I and many others have made.

You have been warned.

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I been waiting almost 2 weeks but arrived. I was trying to contact by email with guy but He had technical problems with safe-mail. It’s not a scam guys . I order one molly bag as test . Arrived two ! because I been waiting a long time . High quality shi* !

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Not impressed

3 & 1/2 weeks it says my order has been complete, sent 2 emails and no reply. £140 wasted!!!!!

Majority of people get there goods on time it seems, but judging by the feedback on there site and abraxas. It’s common that a select few don’t get anything at all and no comms from admin…


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Not a scam... I hope

Ordered the first time and it arrived within two days, 1g just as a test. Ordered a larger amount the second time and still not received anything (1 and a half weeks) the supports is an absolute joke as it’s non existent. I hope I get my goods soon.

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First order was OK, i ordered 1 gr. to test them stuff to come back with a big order. Sunday ordered and friday arrived, stuff was normal but good price.

Now 63 gr. ordered same day on sunday last week ! waiting now 11 days on my order and nothing arrived yet. messaged them and they said “ohh sorry it was shipped today” this was Thursday now its Friday.

For me 63 Gr. is more priority, i´m selling it and it should be for LU to but it doesn´t, let customers wait is best option in this business “dont” . I waiting 3 weeks and 6 days now to get the 63 gr. first was just test. sooo very bad service but good value of price will write on fucking arrival, when its arrive

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SCAM! Nothin arrived, no answer!
  • paeYooMeer1 reviewed 3 years ago
  • last edited 3 years ago

Worst Vendor-Page, no item and no support via mail. Read the mail but no answer…

They posting news on there page but not answering on my mail.

Will never order again.

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Reliable vendor operating a reliable store

It’s the same vendor who presumably got sick of exit scams and downtime. Offers a simple service for a good price and all in all its a good ordering experience, everything on the dark web “may be a scam” but just grow a pair and see what happens

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