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Tosh.o is the best, you have to see it.

The best commentary on some of the funniest web videos out there. He’s a great comedian, unless you’re offended easily. It is nearly impossible to offend me, you’d have to know the one and only thing I’m sensitive about. Read More »

WTF Modifications made from memes for Skyrim

Yes, these are real modifications that you can install into your Skyrim game, I tested one myself. Geeks are all about customization, but this might be going a bit far… Still, it’s quite fun to take one of these and install it in a friends copy of their game before they get to that part, then video tape their reaction ... Read More »

When geeks and rap songs collide, giggles ensue.

I can’t decide if this is adorably funny or a little worrisome when it comes to Doctor Who fans with too much time on their hands, but either way it makes me laugh. In fact, my mom nearly had me committed because I fell out of my chair squeaking like a baby hedgehog the first time I saw it. Read More »

Weeping Angel: Kitten Edition

If you haven’t seen Doctor Who or haven’t gotten to the scary monsters known as Weeping Angels, the delicious Tenth Doctor David Tennant will explain it as you watch a cat put it into effect. Cute but frightening, a little Halloween treat for you all as my geeky introduction! They normally take the form of stone cemetery angels that turn ... Read More »