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Weekly Tor and Security News – October 21, 2014

Tor News Earlier this week, the Anonabox raised over $500,000 after launching a campaign on Kickstarter. The anonabox, created by August Germar, is a device designed to route all of a network’s traffic through the Tor network. It runs alongside an existing modem or router, and claims to be fully Open Source. However, after controversy surrounding the project generated quite ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Update Oct. 18th, 2014

The week of October 19, 2014, has been a fairly calm week on the Bitcoin markets—compared to last week, the week of the BearWhale. Aside from two bearish days, the overall activity of the week was positive, with the price increasing a total of 8.86%. Following the BearWhale excitement that pushed up the price towards the end of last week, ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin News Report – Oct. 18th, 2014

Providing the top Bitcoin news stories from around the web Regulation Changes to the BitLicense regulations have been outlined by the superintendent of the New York State Department of Financial Services, Benjamin Lawsky. As Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey of The Wall Street Journal report, the changes included a BitLicense exemption for software developers, bitcoin miners, and other individuals ... Read More »

Site Doxx’es Judge of Silk Road Case – Calls To “Swat” Her

Update 26.10.14: Added comment from freeross.org: We strongly condemn the outrageous threats to Judge Forrest And the worst idea award for 2014 goes to the anonymous poster who created a page on (one of the) the Hidden Wiki(s), containing a full doxx (all personal details) of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York judge Katherine B. ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Recap – October 13

This past week on the Bitcoin markets have been very eventful and hectic. Starting on the decline, the Bitcoin price ran into a sell wall put up by an alleged, single person, whom the Bitcoin community has dubbed the “BearWhale.” After the wall was taken down by buyers on the market, the price shot upwards, making considerable gains. Let us ... Read More »

Bitcoin News Roundup – October 11th, 2014

Featuring the week’s biggest news stories on the world-famous cryptocurrency from around the web. Bitcoin Pricing After remaining above the $500 mark for most of the summer, the price of Bitcoin continues to fall. As Michael Hiltzik of The Los Angeles Times notes, the frustrating aspect of the recent loss in value, which led to the currency bottoming out at ... Read More »

Judge Rejects Defense That FBI Illegally Hacked Silk Road

As it was published by Wired: Lawyers for Ross Ulbricht have spent the last two months shifting the focus from their client, charged with creating the billion-dollar drug market the Silk Road, and putting it onto the potential illegality of the FBI’s investigation. Now the judge in that case has spoken, and it’s clear she intends to put Ulbricht on ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Update – October 5, 2014

The week of September 28, 2014 through October 4, 2014 was an extremely Bearish week. Continuing the downward trend that has been present in the Bitcoin markets for months, the Bitcoin price fell for the entirety of the week. Overall, during the whole week, the price fell by a total of 16.67%—a massive drop compared to last week’s decline of ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 5 October 2014

A recap of the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from the perspectives of the best sources for e-currency news around the web A Bitcoin documentary has opened that explores both the potential of the cryptocurrency and its dark side. Ben Kenigsberg of The New York Times details “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin,” a film from Nicholas Mross. The one hour, ... Read More »

Europol Report Equates Anonymity Focused Altcoins With CyberCrime

Europol released a report on September 29, about the cybercrime threats to the internet. Called Internet Organised Crime Threat Assessment (iOCTA), the report looks at bitcoin, as well as anonymity focused coins, like Darkcoin, potential for criminal use. We feel it should concern everyone that the latest cyber currencies are intended to be truly anonymous and to facilitate anonymous transactions. ... Read More »

Darkcoin: Releases Open Source Code

Press release – Darkcoin is designed to ensure financial privacy by making it virtually impossible to trace a transaction back to its source. This is accomplished with a key piece of technology called Darksend, which works by mixing up the digital fingerprints of the user’s coins. Darksend’s technology is based on the Masternode Network, currently 900+ decentralized servers spread around ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 29 September 2014

A recap of the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from the perspectives of the best sources for e-currency news around the web. Paypal Integrates Bitcoin into Paypal Payments Hub CoinDesk reported on September 23 that Paypal would be partnering with BitPay, Coinbase, and GoCoin to integrate Bitcoin into its Payments Hub. This “Hub” is a platform that allows digital content makers ... Read More »

ITOM Revealed: Europe’s Plan To Crack Down On The Online Drug Trade

Europe has been a hub of deep web activity, only second to the United States, but has seen a higher rate of arrests among dealers and buyers of darknet markets. It seems the pressure from European law enforcement is only going to rise. Recently, a document published by Netherland’s leading newspaper, Volkskrant, reveals a plan by the many European countries, ... Read More »

Darkcoin Passes Security Review – Prepares to Open Source

A Press release by the Darkcoin community: Security researcher Kristov Atlas has concluded his code review and security audit of Darkcoin. He was solicited by the developers of Darkcoin, based on 4+ years of professionally reviewing C/C++ software, to review the code and suggest any changes which could improve the software. Kristov Atlas concluded that Darkcoin’s claims of functional anonymity ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Market Recap: 21-9-2014

This article is the first installment of a new weekly series on DeepDotWeb. This new series will serve as a weekly Bitcoin price recap, which will give a description of the price movements throughout the week as well as a measurement of the percent rate of change that the price underwent during the week. Additionally, we will use this report ... Read More »