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Prehistoric Googling

  I remember when I was much younger, there were times I have went to the library to find guide books. It is hardly even necessary now, thanks to Google. I am pretty sure I can find a more extensive database of what I am researching for on the web, than relying my hopes a single physical establishment.   Read More »

Appropriate or not

Public Breast Feeding

Not that I advocate public breast feeding, but I believe those who speak out against the act have an extremely narrow-minded view. If the principle is about public decency, there is nothing erotic with a mother feeding her child. There are so many other sights out there who deserve to be lash with criticism of indecency which they were to ... Read More »


A Simple War

If every soldier is capable of taking down at least 2 enemy units the moment they are mobilize into war it would make things so much faster. Don’t get me wrong, war is no funny business. But statistically, it will become a numbers game if it works that way. And China will perhaps be the most powerful country in the ... Read More »



  Sounds about right. In fact, it applies to every day that begins after a break. And it doesn’t change just because you love your job. Work is still work. I know that because I love my job, and yet it doesn’t make things any easier to know the next day is the beginning of another work week. Read More »



  How is that? The leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world is getting something to eat. That should have some really significant impact on the stock market. Oh wait, I just realised that president actually needs to eat too. I thought hunger is only a weakness of us mere peasants. Read More »


Fully Booked

  Are you ready to be a parent? This is how packed you can expect your schedule to be, not of your activities but of your child’s. Sounds pretty depressing that a simple getaway is such a difficult thing to do. If that is hard to get over, perhaps trying a dog first may help. Read More »


Complains & Feedbacks

  Now, I think there is a distinctive difference between complaints and feedbacks. Complaining is more like voicing grievances, while feedbacks can be some lengthy recommendations to avoid certain issues. I have seen people who are never satisfied with the recovery actions after a complaint that it seems like they think the longer they talk about it the problem will ... Read More »


Expectation VS Reality

  There is a specific look that applies well for every individual. Just because some movie star made it look cool doesn’t mean we should jump into those looks. It is a sad fact that things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. The last thing we want is to invest into grooming ourselves into a look ... Read More »



  I simply have no talent in cooking. I remember when I used to watch some Gordon Ramsay cooking lessons on Youtube and then felt confident enough to set out and conquer the kitchen. Definitely a lesson I will not repeat again. Salmon could be uncooked then served as sushi and will still taste pretty good. I have no idea ... Read More »


The Finals

I remember the times I assured my parents that everything was going OK during my college finals. The truth is, I had not idea what was really going on then and everything was going to be a game of luck. I got through it, but it is funny when I look back on my assurances when I didn’t really had ... Read More »



Looks like a warning that was out to deter people at the highest level gone wrong. Could have said there was camera surveillance and it would have done the trick. Nobody is going to really believe that aircrafts are on patrol to enforce speed limits. Well, a lesson learnt here – Don’t exaggerate. Read More »

Strange Baby

Baby Long Legs

Pretty sure most of us saw the first picture before. Looks like a very adorable moment until you actually think about it. Either the baby is set in a very uncomfortable place, or has some extremely long legs. Perhaps that’s why we shouldn’t be thinking more than we have to of what we see and hear. Read More »

Losing the Beard

Brotherly Beard

This got me laughing. The emotional impact is exaggerated, but he isn’t too far off. It takes plenty of time and grooming to grow a decent beard. Losing it takes a good amount of determination. It is literally a part of your body, definitely not easy to shave it off. Read More »

Festive Presents

The Christmas Trap

Winter’s coming, as do Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There is not much time to get your shields ready by shopping for presents. Never believe anyone if they tell you they don’t want any, because it will come back to haunt you when you least expected it. Better to spend a few bucks, than get burnt some other way.   Read More »



  The best thing about working for yourself is that you no longer need to feel mistreated and undervalued. I can be earning peanuts, but at least I am doing it for myself. It is a better feeling than that of battling sharks for huge companies only to get pain in tunas and sardines. It is not easy to determine ... Read More »