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Bad Timing

A good example of bad timing, cracked me up. It takes quite a bit of skills to time farts. I have seen so many examples of people who tried to hide their farts under external sounds fail painfully. It is much easier to take a step outside and do what you needed done. If that is not possible, you can ... Read More »

Before a day's work

Work before work

  A day’s work does not begin in the office, they began way earlier than that. Right after catching up on the day’s news, we move to stay on track with the social life of others. For me, I have exhausted quite a bit of my energy by the time I am done. Then I move to conquer the rest ... Read More »


Equal Treatment

  That is an amazing act by the grandfather of the gay kid. It’s important to remember that homosexuals are born the way they are. There is no real harm in what gender they prefer their significant others to be,  and it shouldn’t have any impact on how we treat them. It is not a matter of whether we like ... Read More »

Getting Laid

Being Unattractive & Getting Laid

  I can’t be very sure whether this is a good motivation. The logic is there I suppose, but because the term “getting laid” sounds marginally better than “breed” or “reproduce”. And we don’t all  bear resemblance to our ancestors. But if it serves as any consolation at all to anybody, it works all the same. Read More »

Acceptable Looks

Acceptable Facial Hair

  Here’s a good illustration to demonstrate what are the acceptable and unacceptable looks with regards to facial hair. A well-thought theme can mean a masculine look, but do it wrong and you can easily look so evil. Nobody wants to look like a weird person even if he really is one. Of course, the safest bet is to do ... Read More »

Breaking News

Checking your work

  Somebody may very well get fired over this blunder. That is why it is critically important we check our work before submission. Especially, when it’s the news. There is no way viewers can comprehend what really was the breaking news, no way to undo this because no one can really go about unseeing this.   Read More »


The Unexpected

  You may be surprised and wondering why a submarine surfaced in the middle of dry land. This is supposedly a very marketing move by a European insurance company. It is basically sending a message for people to understand that some things can get weirdly unpredictable and out of control. I don’t think an event like that will happen, but ... Read More »

Benjamin Franklin

Wine Wisdom

I am not exactly sure if Benjamin Franklin quoted this, but I am not going to disprove it because that isn’t the point. There is some truth in this, we are generally happier when we are drinking wine and beer. In this perspective, we shouldn’t be drinking water at all. Of course, we shouldn’t do that in literal terms but ... Read More »

Like a Boss

Life like a boss

  This welcome mat is strangely amusing for a spin-off of Lord of the Rings trilogy. I mean it would really be living life like a boss if theoretically we follow the advice. That means a very enjoyable life, but with drinking, smoking and partying in context, it should be a pretty short one. Read More »

Night fun

Night Bananas

  The sign was probably left up after Halloween. But to leave them and place bananas right below it just sounds really kinky. That is why ad placements are extremely important. They can illustrate an entirely misleading outcome. Also, I really think they did not do that intentionally. Although if it is, it is really some eye-catching marketing success. Read More »

No Bra

Breast Cancer

  The advertisement just doesn’t make any sense. As the comment mentioned, why would anyone want to support breast cancer. Breast Cancer awareness perhaps, but definitely not the cancer itself. Secondly, of all the things we can do, why should it be a day without bras. Makes me feel some weird pervert came up with this. Read More »


Alcohol Therapy

Interesting advertisement. I suppose we can’t deny the logic completely, since both methods can’t fundamentally solve any problems. It is just two different ways to face them. With the cost of living rocketing sky high, it is hard to refuse alcohol as a more attractive choice at the moment. So yeah, probably alcohol. Read More »



It is ironic how these actors who have led many of our favourite movies have not brought home any Oscars. It’s all good though, Oscars has no impact on the fame and salaries these actors get to bring home. Recognition of their works are in the minds of all their fans, and no lack of trophies is going to take ... Read More »



  Nobody goes into an argument thinking they are wrong. So literally, the process is about going into a heated discussion to explain why we are right. In this perspective, if we were to finish an argument without a clear winner, what happens is that the parties involved comes out of it being half right. Read More »


Shopping Kills

  Perhaps there was other things that the guy had issues about, but it is shopping that squeezed the trigger. It is an unfortunate incident to die over Christmas shopping, and definitely unnecessary. Could have just gone home himself, if it was that stressful for him. A good thing for the ladies to note too, guys can’t handle shopping that ... Read More »