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Lyrics being literal

It is funny if you take dramatic parts of song lyrics and put them to mean literally. Something which is meant to be romantic can now be comprehended as some uncanny ability to kill someone. Not so romantic after all. Perhaps it’s time for songwriters to stop using over-dramatic lyrics in their songs. Read More »

Moving bitcoins – How it works, and why your transaction is taking so long?

A nice post for Bitcoin beginners from the Agora Forum explaining the simple logic being the confirmation system of the Bitcoin transactions: Op can be found here: http://i4rx33ibdndtqayh.onion.sale/index.php/topic,2905.msg30255.html By Keno13:  http://i4rx33ibdndtqayh.onion.sale/index.php?action=profile;u=598 Quote: There has been a lot of confusion lately about how bitcoins are sent, where they go, and why they haven’t showed up in some peoples wallets in a ... Read More »


Video Ads

  It is particularly annoying to hear ad audio in the background, but having no sight of where the ad is located in my browser. I am curious as to why websites who have videos embedded for streaming allows video ads to be on auto-play on the same page. The worst thing is that they are on repeat mode, so ... Read More »


Check Engine

The worry doesn’t go away if the check engine light appears and then turns off on its own. The same goes for any other devices like old computers, who informs you of a critical problem once and then resume to work normally. Did they made a mistake about having a mistake? Read More »


Be Realistic

Funny post, but it reminds us to be realistic in our wants and wishes. There is no harm in knowingly setting high goals in a time that is not constructive to achieving it, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t realise it. Always better to set shorter term goals that will lead to a higher purpose.   Read More »


Lamborghini Money

  Every great achievement are accompanied by small steps of success. Saving for something big can seem to be an insurmountable task, but it can definitely be done if it is done the right way. Instead of purely saving every dollar and cents, invest them into something that can significantly shorten the process. Read More »


The Walking Dead

  The zombie apocalypse concept is getting way out of hand, especially since the TV series “The Walking Dead”. Lots of products out there are making a run to grab a profitable bite off this market concept. A Monopoly game with the zombie concept is so ironic that it actually looks original. I wonder what cities and towns are included ... Read More »



  The definition on the ability to multi-task is extremely vague. By current logic, anyone who can perform two or more task at the same time is considered to be multi-tasking. In literally terms, that means eating while watching television is effectively a multi-tasking skill. Although, I wouldn’t know how effective it is in performing work-related objectives. Read More »


Pampered Pets

Pets like cats or dogs used to be treated the way pets should be rightfully treated. However, human trends have now passed the baton over to their best friends. It is seemingly compulsory for them to have their own house, clothes and entertainment, or the owner may risk being called an animal abuser. Has this gone too far? Read More »

Not sure

Yes/No Surveys

It is amusing that some people can answer a direct yes/no question with an answer that is in between. It is even more amusing for a survey to allow such answers when it defies any logic to have such options. I wasn’t sure if it can get any worse, but it seems like it is actually possible by publishing such ... Read More »


Senior Conversation

I have had too many experiences of getting into never ending conversations with senior individuals that I have learnt t avoid them if I am busy. It often seems in those experiences that many topics of entirely different subjects can be so effortless chained together. I couldn’t even do that if I needed to, not at that level. Read More »

Free Money

Free is free

Any amount of money that is bestowed upon me without effort will be much appreciated, regardless of the amount. Sure, nobody would mind more of it but there’s is definitely no reason to get upset with the amount that has been decided. I have seen people comparing free money to giving tips. It should be noted that both are based ... Read More »



  It’s definitely great to go wild with being creative about art concepts, but be mindful of whether the end product look like something that it shouldn’t be. Especially, if it looks like the above. While I am not sure if it takes a dirty mind to draw this conclusion, I am definite I am not the only one. Read More »

Breathing Underwater

Good Advice

  You can’t fault this sign for being wrong,but it is just feels so redundant. It’s quite a natural instinct that we don’t attempt to even do it. And if we try, that’s because we are drowning. So it is, in its own words, telling us not to drown then? Well, thanks. I will try. Read More »

Woman's bag

Bag of Everything

It is curiously interesting why woman in general needs to carry a bag, let alone one that contains an endless variety of stuff in it. Guys typically requires no more than our pockets. In any case, each pocket serves a different function. I find it painfully difficult when I attempt to retrieve any particular item out of a lady’s bag. Read More »