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Broke or rich


I have to agree, to a certain extent, that this is a pretty true illustration. The super rich have no desire to use designer labels to bring out their status, simply because they don’t need to. On the other hand, those who have not been too successful in their financial status will often dress up to look the part instead. Read More »

Fake Interpreter

The Fake Interpreter

  This meme is an extremely funny due to the recent hype about the fake interpreter, Thamsanqa Jantjie, at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. I watched this man supposedly doing his job on video, and it definitely did not seem to me that he was in any sort of mental episode. I may be wrong, but he looked to be very attentive ... Read More »


Favourite Superhero

This is what happens when you get the pizza guy to draw his favourite superhero. It is so politically correct that it is quite humorous. Perhaps if you are really keen for some pre-pizza entertainment (which I can never understand why), you ought to be more specific about what you wish to see. Read More »


Meat with Beef

  Unless I am not aware of a declassification of beef under the meat category, this is a confusing description for a canned food. Probably an in-house brand, I can understand if it wants to keep the content description as simple as possible. They could have used one word to summarise it, but apparently some Oxford professor decided that the ... Read More »

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un’s Logic

The influence of the Kim dynasty is fading, kept in place only by fear. Kim Jong Un’s tactic to keep his grip of power may one day backfire on him. Not only against foreign powers, but against resentful enemies who dwell within. Sure, he may have purged most of high-profile ones. It is, however, the silent ones that may eventually ... Read More »

Bill Gates

World Peace VS Money

Ifs questions involving a choice of hefty amounts of money is quite a no-brainer to me. In particular to this question, I believe a world in absolute peace is not a life that has any meaning. The good of people are seen in the worst of times. For the matter, world peace is pointless if it cannot be maintained by ... Read More »


Public Naps

We all had our moments on public commutes when we fall unconsciously asleep. Often, they don’t look as well as we imagined it to look like. Whether it is leaning on someone’s else shoulders or getting into awkward positions, they reflect a side of us that we would much rather have kept to our homes. For all it’s worth, at ... Read More »


The Ticket

Let’s raise a glass to all the hardworking law enforcement officers who pursue every element of justice even in the most extreme of weathers. No snow is going to stop them from giving an early Christmas present, even if it means clawing through thick piles of snow to get to the windscreens. Read More »


The insert button

  I am quite ashamed to admit that I have no idea the practical functionality of the insert button on keyboards until this day. It has caused me way more inconvenience than any sort of usefulness ever since I started using computers. Well, I do know how to turn it off now, I just still don’t know how it can ... Read More »

Expanding List

Wikipedia – Serial Killers

  That is a funny request from Wikipedia. For those that don’t quite get it, Wikipedia is asking the public to add on to the list of serial killers they are aware of. It is just that the way they are asking users to help “expand” the list seems like they are encouraging them to enrol in becoming one. Read More »


Cyber Bullying

Any place that permits social interactions are bound to invite bullying, and the internet is definitely no exception. Cyber bullying is wrong, but victims always have a choice of avoiding these places if they cannot handle their brutal existence. It is much easier to simply get off the internet than to wallow in self pity. Read More »



  While pleasantries are a part in civil conversations, it is worthy to keep in mind the situation in which they are exchanged. Something that is meant to be a kind and thoughtful remark can be interpreted as something rude or even downright hurtful if they are used in the wrong context. Read More »



  Perhaps it is just some wild thinking, but it always seem like signature from everyone else looks better than mine (not just my parent’s, of course) Over the years, I have changed my signature a number of times to include certain flair. Once I was satisfied with the new one, it won’t be long before I see someone else ... Read More »


The King & Clown

Here’s Burger King taking a jab at Mcdonald’s. Unfortunately for the latter,  since they feature a clown for a mascot. However, it is not like Mcdonald’s will ever need to engage in a war of words with any publicity stunts anyway. Since they are still in place as the most popular fast food restaurant in the world, unsurprisingly. Read More »