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Menu Barrier

Menu Language Barrier

  I love Thai food. I am never able to pronounce Thai words properly though, and have on more than one occasion find myself in an awkward situation when the waiter doesn’t get my order. As a result, I always take into account the difficulty level of pronouncing my choice into the decision-making process. I have a strong feeling though, ... Read More »

The unreadable

The Doctor’s Font

  Some time back, I went for a routine medical examination. As I was queueing for one of the test, I peeked into my medical files out of curiosity. There was pages of reports and chunks of words that I am not able to comprehend, and I meant most of it! It somehow seems like doctors use a secret form ... Read More »

Faulty or haunted

Flickering Lights

  I spend a lot of my time alone, in a 2-storey house with bedrooms more than the total occupants. When I’m alone, I sometimes get illogical. I can hardly fix a light bulb, so forgive me when a part of me attribute flickering lights to demons and ghosts. Of course, I don’t entirely believe. But it doesn’t help in ... Read More »


Social Media

  Funny and perhaps quite true. Dogs leave a scent of their individuality to mark their presence, and that’s pretty much what we do on social media platforms, no? We show that a particular post, picture or video has gotten our stamp of approval. And then, we make it known by leaving our ‘LIKES’. Read More »

Sadistic Practices

Cultural Practices

  We do have some strange practices. Well, not exactly that weird to us but if you just look at it from another perspective… I am pretty sure people from certain cultures in another part of the world find the western’s practice of stuffing turkeys equally weird as we find their ceremonial slaughtering of animals. Read More »

Knights of the Ikea table

Knights of the IKEA table

  I have led myself to believe that IKEA furniture were something that I could assemble quickly. And I was always proven wrong. Perhaps, I am just to stingy to fork out that extra 50. Because I always swear that I would use their assembling services the next time round, but I always end up trying to do it myself ... Read More »

Buried Athiest

Here lies an atheist

  If there are no gods, then there is no heaven to speak of. If atheists are buried after they die, what is the point? If its just for the memory to remember them by, cremating them works just the same. They have nowhere to be except in memories. It is quite sad though, to face eternal nothingness after death. ... Read More »


Alone or not?

What do you think? If there are aliens, are they aware of our existence? And what sort of impact will there be on our planet if we were to make contact? Perhaps we will someday need a United Nations equivalent to govern the peaceful co-existence of all beings in the universe, and attack those who don’t abide by the regulations. ... Read More »

Possible self dismemberment

Owning a real lightsaber

  Yeah, gotta admit I will most probably lose a limb playing with the lightsaber. The galaxy doesn’t need saving. And I will make a lousy killer without being able to tap into the force. The selling idea seems pretty neat though, I would probably not have to work for the rest of my life. Some Star Wars fanboy is ... Read More »

Self obsession

Self Obsession

  Self obsession. That’s what I would call it. There is a part of us that constantly about how others will look at us, and then proceed to constantly judge us on everything we do. Then I realise we all live for ourselves. And humans are selfish beings, we probably spend more time thinking for ourselves than we do for ... Read More »

Technically groceries

Spare Parts

  How about that? Forget the auto shop. You can purchase any defective parts from the next grocery stall you find. If it does the job, it works. We have been misled into purchasing branded, expensive auto parts to replace the faulty ones. Pringles (above) seems to work just as well. You can even devour the contents first.   Read More »

A simpler alternative

Lord of the Rings

  The comic may have exaggerated the simplicity, but wouldn’t travelling by foot deep into enemy territory seem like a longer shot? They are not trained in combat, and the defences set up in Mordor for ground trespassing is surely a priority over air infiltration. A good team of fighters with a direct flight into Mordor probably could have ended ... Read More »

Spider Hunter

The Pet, The Hunter

Dogs have a tendency to over-react. An itch will quickly initiate into a ritualistic dance, and anyone at the door is automatically tagged as enemy of state. The ensuring mess forms the aftermath of event we can perhaps reluctantly label as an incident. It is amazing how some things that are hardly significant in a house without dogs are so ... Read More »

Fortune Tellers


  Personally, I do not believe in psychics. Most of them give out pretty vague descriptions of what probably happened or will happen in a part of everyone’s life. And then, they are presumed to be able to read our future just by doing that. An example can be like saying that you are a stubborn man. Come on, we ... Read More »