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Warning: Reports Of FloMarket Possible Scam / Hack

Update 2: The Market Is Gone. Another One Bites The Dust Update: we have received am official response from the market (bottom of post), its advised to stay away until this is resolved. For the last few days we have been seeing some reports about Problems in Flomarket regarding releasing escrows and Withdrawing BTC, We are not calling on scam ... Read More »

BMR Based Market: Utopia Market

Update 3.2.14 – Utopia Marketplace is now officially open Side note: Two Hours after posting this, people told us that it was suppose to be some kind of a “secret”… We became aware of the market/url on several forums posts on several different  forums – and just hours later became aware of the post saying to “keep it secret” on ... Read More »

Full guide: How to access I2p sites & Use TheMarketplace.i2p

Note: TMP Does not exist anymore, but this tutorial was left as an I2P usage guide. This Amazing Guide was posted on reddit by the username: moonsh00t All The Credit goes to him! – As It was listed on the Guide that the License is BSD we believe it would be a great service to give this guide more publicity ... Read More »

BlueSky Marketplace Scam Attempt Warning

Update:  Apparently the blue sky marketplace admins suggested it was a misunderstanding. and OP was updated so the issue was solved. Reddit post of the admins: Op confirming the mistake:   The story was – NOTE that this is confirmed as misunderstanding: A Vendor just posted today a detailed report, explaining how to blue sky marketplace owners tried running imposter ... Read More »

Hidden Marketplaces List updates 29.12.13

In addition to our regular updates – We have done some major updates to our list of hidden marketplaces to reflect the latest changes in Deep web marketplaces scene. this is the recap of recent changes: Added a warning regarding the use of one site escrow wallets – due to the recent scams, we think that on sites escrows should ... Read More »

Pandora Market: Scam or just Down?

update: Site is back up – We are happy that this was a false alarm! Be safe. I get the feeling that we are going to have to keep this image around: We had some reports about Pandora market being down, both site and forum – probably again, “take the money and run” type of scam, we will follow and ... Read More »

The Silk Road 2.0 Tales & Psy-Ops!

Just when we thought that this drama could not get any worse, Oracle came along AGAIN announcing he would release the true story about the recent events in 12 hours – at the beginning we thought “meh…”, but after reading the post, We figured out that This latest SR drama is so hilarious / pathetic / sad / funny / ... Read More »

Ross Ulbricht to the FEDS: I want my $33 Million in BTC Back!

Wow. was defiantly not expecting this one. So Ross pretty much admits he was running the Silk Road and wants hes money back now from the feds who seized it. The Internet “pirate” accused of running the notorious illegal-drug-peddling Web site Silk Road claims that the feds are the real buccaneers — robbing him to the tune of $33.6 million ... Read More »

WTF? The Silk Road 2.0 / DPR2 Farce Explained

Update 2#: Must Read – The Silk Road Tale And Psy-Ops! Update 1#: Another great summary of the events here (This is a continue from our previous report about a possible security breach in SR2) So, lets go from the end-to the beginning, DPR is most likely NOT compromised but lurking on the forums  most likely due to hes real ... Read More »

Reports: Tormarket Scam In Progress?

As if the the Silk Road Drama wasn’t enough for today,  we can confirm that from about 8 hours ago Tormarket forum and the Tormarket site went down, Hours later we have started getting reports by mail and from reddit telling us that people checking their wallets / escrow addresses of tormarket are finding out that their money was emptied ... Read More »

Warning: Silk Road 2.0 And DPR account might be compromised!

Update 3#: Must Read – The Silk Road Tales And Psy-Ops! Update #2: Read This:  WTF? The Silk Road 2.0 / DPR2 Farce Explained Update #1:  Its becoming more clear now, that DPR is most likely NOT compromised but either hiding or running or waiting since hes real identity is known both to Ross Ulbricht (the previous DPR) and to the ... Read More »

Sum up: The Arrest of Silk Road Admins/Mods SSBD, Libertas & Inigo

Update: Warning – Sr2.0 & DPR might be compromised! As we have already reported about the arrest of Inigo yesterday we can now confirm (yes, a bit too late as i was offline today) the arrests of the two other silk road admins / forum moderators samesamebutdifferent (SSBD) & Libertas, The confirmations were received from various sources such as an official ... Read More »

Silk Road Administrator “Inigo” Busted?!

Update 2 : Warning – Sr2.0 & DPR might be compromised! Update: All this info was confirmed – The silk road moderators / admins: ANDREW MICHAEL JONES, a/k/a “Inigo,” GARY DAVIS, a/k/a “Libertas,” and PETER PHILLIP NASH, a/k/a “Samesamebutdifferent,” a/k/a “Batman73,” a/k/a “Symmetry,” a/k/a “Anonymousasshit were arrested – We have posted the official statements and indictments here along with more information ... Read More »