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Evolution Market: Now Offering Multisig Transactions!

We have another market joining the Munmltisig Family, Now evolution, as always, we try to support those market offering multisig transaction so we bring you here the multisig usage guide as its listed on their wiki, this will also be listed on out multisig guides page and the market will be promoted to the multisig category on our list: Evolution ... Read More »

Market Is Currently Up Or Down? Check Our Sidebar!

Remember the service we have reported about last week? Dnstats – DarkNetMarkets Uptime Monitor a service providing an overview of the marketplaces uptime status, so you can know at anytime if: 1.Market “x” down now? 2. Market “x” back up yet? 3. Is it down for everyone or just me? 4. Which marketplaces tend to be down more than others?  ... Read More »

E-Book Recommendation: GnuPG – High Level Cryptography

To newbies taking their first steps with encryption, or users looking to expend their knowledge we would like to recommend about a new Ebook – released just now, about  GnuPG – that includes full explanations an usage guide for email &  files encryption the book if FREE for download or in a “Pay as you can model” (leave a BTC ... Read More »

Marketplace Merge: DarkBay & Andromeda

Well this something we never had so far, Darkbay (formerly known as UltraVioletCity) is one of the markets that existed for the last few months, surviving the frequent changes of the DNM scene, and Andromeda is a new market existing only a few weeks (Was called Silk Road 3 than changed its name to Andromeda) today the DarkBay market admins ... Read More »

Darknetmarkets listing Count Is Booming: Approaching 50,000!

There are more than 3 times more listings today on the Various Darknetmarkets than there were in October 2013 one the only 3 markets that existed – SR1, BMR, Sheep (along with some small, mostly scam sites), according to investigative report by the Digital Citizens Alliance. Most of the reports focuses on comparing silk road 1 and silk road 2 ... Read More »

Dnstats – DarkNetMarkets Uptime Monitor!

Check Out Our Sidebar To Know the Marketplace Uptime Status >>>> (Scroll Down a bit…) We all know that one of the most annoying things about DNM’s are the unexpected downtime’s, no matter what the reason is – DDOS, Technical issue, TOR network issue, too much traffic or other unknown reasons that are not very common in the clearnet world, ... Read More »

Dutch Man (Vendor: SuperTrips) To Plead Guilty To Selling Illegal Drugs For Millions On Shuttered Silk Road

As It was Published on the justice.gov website press release: CHICAGO — A Dutch man who allegedly used the shuttered Silk Road underground website to sell illegal drugs for bitcoins worth millions of dollars has agreed to plead guilty to a federal drug conspiracy charge filed against him today.  The defendant, CORNELIS JAN SLOMP, through his attorney, authorized the government ... Read More »

TorEscrow, What Happend?

Well, this Basically: (We held back this report until now for the case it might be back, but considering the fact that the Admin were pretty active on the forums / Reddit, and we have yet to hear from them, it seems pretty unlikely to happen now) The same story over again, for an traditional escrow marketplace: 1. Build reputation ... Read More »

1776 Market: Automated Multi-Signature Escrow

Update: 1776 market redesigned its payment system: Introducing The Grail: The 1776 Equal Trust Multisig System 1776 is a marketplace offering a bit more friendly implementation of 3-multisig transactions, we have been chatting with the developer “Tom”, for quite a few months as we worked on this marketplace, ans we are happy to be the first to introduce it now, ... Read More »

New Multisig Marketplace: Hydra market

>> HYDRA Market Was Seized During Operation Onymous – Learn More about Operation Onymous Here << As part of our efforts to support marketplaces that are offering multisig transactions, like we did before with TMP, Blackbank market & Drugslist (before the other issues) we are happy to post about this new market offering multisig transactions, and by this lowering the ... Read More »

Agora Marketplace Changes Url Due to Heartbleed SSL Bug

Update: Market is back up and running at the new url:  http://agorahooawayyfoe.onion.sale/register/Gc2h4eoFAE Agora Marketplace was taken down by its admins due to the Heartbleed bug – to move it servers and change the sites url, if you try to browse the old site you will now get the below message, listing the new urls – they say that the site ... Read More »

Grams: DarkNetMarkets Search Engine

Edit 3.5.14:  An interview with the Grams Search Engine Admin This privacy-minded search engine is a development the dark net community was anticipating for a long time. Grams is a service that offers a way to search for products across different dark net marketplaces. They are currently indexing products from markets, more will be added soon. The service is currently ... Read More »

Energy Control: Drug Testing Service For DeepWeb Users

We Are happy to introduce a new service, introduced to us and endorsed by DoctorX (Dr. Fernando Caudevilla, a Spanish Physician who has been offering professional advice about Drugs and Health during the last year in Silk Road1 / Silk Road2 & The Hub Forums) Offering International drug testing services in spain directed at DeepWeb users and accepting BTC payments, ... Read More »