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HTML5 Introduces New Security Threats!

HTML5, the fifth standard of HTML released in 2014, is slowly becoming more prevalent across the internet as browsers adopt the new protocol and webpages are updated to make use of the new features. HTML is the technology at the basis of the internet, and acts as the structured content on webpages – text & images (and now with HTML5 ... Read More »

Should we Worry About ICANN?

Despite 4 states suing to block the internet transition was scheduled for October first, U.S oversight of the internet has ended and management of addressing and routing protocols has been handed over to ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the global non-profit, as a contract established 47 years ago which gave the US Commerce Department authority to ... Read More »

Improving OPSEC with VPN Alternatives

In a world where every activity seems to be monitored by one draconian surveillance state or another, individuals should be taking their privacy very seriously if they wish to have any at all.  Luckily for those who want privacy for one reason or another, we have been granted projects such as TOR and I2P, thanks to dedicated developers who are ... Read More »

How to Start Your Own Cybercrime Operation for Fun and Profit

Cybercrime costs 575 billion yearly.  And as we have seen more technological advancements in past years, cybercrime keeps getting easier.  Hackers and their malware are always one step ahead of law enforcement and security firms working around the clock, pooling their efforts to prevent cybercrime.  To illustrate how anyone could launch their own cybercrime operation with little skills and a ... Read More »

How Hackers Infect You For Fun and Profit?

Every internet user has to have been affected by malware at some point in their life.  This is not a surprise, as computer viruses seem to be nearly more infectious than real, biological pathogens! According to PandaLabs, they have neutralized over 20 million malware threats in the first quarter of 2016 alone (That’s 27,000 samples a day!)  Despite the security ... Read More »

Crime doesn’t pay – unless, of course, it’s cybercrime

Then crime pays quite well, as criminal enterprise conducted over the internet makes billions. McAfee estimates that annually, cybercrime costs the global economy more than 445 billion dollars, the stat including security costs for companies and criminal financial gains. We know that cybercrime is certainly a large industry, yet how exactly do hackers and cyber criminals make millions in the ... Read More »

NIST to Begin Preparations for Quantum Resistant Cryptography

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is following the example of the NSA, which last year announced it was time to develop and eventually transition to new cryptographic algorithms as the new and rapidly developing field of quantum computing begins to deprecate the current, standard algorithms. This marks the beginning of a new era of cryptography, considering our current, ... Read More »