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More Charges against Ex Lakeville Principal Including Card Fraud and Identity Theft

Christopher Endicott, former principal of Lakeville has been handed fresh charges of stalking, card fraud, and identity theft. According to the court, Endicott illegally hacked into the computer system of the school and accessed personal details and financial cards of teachers and their families. He illegally obtained credit card information of the employees, including other sensitive data through this process. He spent $120 of the total amount on a pornographic website and also made some purchases online.

In an investigation, authorities discovered an onion browser installed on his phone. A further investigation revealed that the former principal had a direct contact on the Dark web which enabled him to purchase the sophisticated hacking software. However, it was not made clear whether he sold any of the hacked data on the online black market. One of the victims reported that she observed a wipe out on her cell phone and her iPad. She therefore contacted a resource officer who found out that her private documents had been accessed by someone in the facility. According to a report, the victim took action to trace the hacker behind the unauthorized access of the document. It was then discovered that Endicott was the brain behind it. It was also discovered that Endicott had been accessing the victim’s documents since 2016.

During the investigation, the police came across a few of his writings. It was deduced that his action to compromise employees’ data to illegally steal their funds was a result of financial difficulties being faced by the 50-year-old man. “I had accumulated so much debt that I couldn’t find a way out,” he wrote. He was previously charged for burglarizing his neighbor, and also his tenant. According to records, he also stalked a detective who was looking into his own stalking case.

One of the stalking victims who happened to be in a relationship with him also had her own share of stalking and identity theft after their relation ended up poorly. The victim broke up with Endicott after realizing that he was a married man. Endicott did not accept it in good faith. He, therefore, stalked her for five years which even led to a breakup of her new relationship. That was not enough, as Endicott went ahead to open a financial account in her name, and also hacked into the AT&T account of her father. A report says that he also had a copy of her IRS transcript in his possession.

Authorities searched his school office and found a notebook which contained password hints, account numbers and other information about his victims.

A further investigation also led to a discovery of one of his writings, of which he indicated that he was trying to get revenge. These added up to the four new criminal charges opened against Christopher Endicott. The stalking victim confirmed that she ran into his wife in 2011-2012 over a similar case.

Identity theft and credit card fraud had been rampant in recent years with most of the cases being associated with the Dark web. Authorities have also taken measures leading to the arrest and jailing of credit card criminals. Two men were recently jailed for a similar credit card related case. Despite these arrests, there are a number of hackers who freely operate without any problem with the police, thanks to the Dark web. Unfortunately for Endicott, the anonymity of the Dark web could not erase his tracks.

In his previous arrest, he was accused of stealing properties that belonged to his tenants. According to the complaint, the landlord returned a tote which contained a sports card reported to cost around $738. They also said that the tote contained other items which did not belong to him. “Endicott handed over the tote and then apologized, stating that he had taken the property while MO and KO were away in New Zealand, which was between November 13 and December 5, 2017,” according to the complaint. He also did the same to his neighbors.

He was therefore suspended by the school before the new charges. He is currently being held in custody in Crow Wing county jail.

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