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Will Dream Market’s Fentanyl Ban Save Lives?

Dream market recently issued a ban on fentanyl sales and surprised many users in the process. The decision to ban fentanyl came somewhat unexpectedly. All Dream updates have taken place quietly, but many feel that banning fentanyl goes against the very nature of the Dream administration. The list of banned products has looked the same for several years. And although the decision to ban fentanyl likely emerged from a harm-reduction discussion, some users have expressed concern about a potentially harmful outcome of a ban on the sensationalized opioid.

Marketplace staff quietly introduced the ban halfway through the month of May. Not long after the introduction, Reddit users on the one remaining darknet-related subreddit debated the pros and cons of the decision. One Reddit user reminded everyone that Hansa market also banned fentanyl not even a week before Dutch law enforcement revealed that it had been running Hansa for nearly one month. While the true debates had nothing to do with Hansa, the Reddit user successfully stirred emotions.

Dream, like the majority of current darknet markets, had already forbid the sale of weapons, explosives, child abuse material, and snuff/gore/murder films. Most markets have played by similar standards. And very few have objected to those conditions. But, some users argued on Reddit that banning fentanyl will do more harm than good. The majority of the fentanyl-related overdoses covered by DeepDotWeb have involved counterfeit pharmaceuticals pressing fentanyl. To be clear, the reporting of overdoses has primarily not been from fentanyl sold or marketed as fentanyl. One user wrote, “you realize that it’s still going to pretty much be in whatever opioid you’re looking to buy, right? The only difference I can see this making is that you won’t be able to specifically buy fent.”

What prevents vendors from selling the fake oxycodone laced with fentanyl or fentanyl analogs?

Another camp agreed with the ban. One user pointed out that “fent is the #1 priority for most Law Enforcement agencies…” Will banning fentanyl help prevent law enforcement from targeting the largest darknet market?


  1. Spencer Simpson

    Im getting the Vibe LA has taken over dream. If this was a change that took place at Hansa when they were pinched, then i bet 100% that is case here.
    Be smart, read the news on DDweb, and watch the forums.
    Dont let them win.
    Probably a smart time to code a new Dnet site

  2. The last time a market decided to ban a fent it was under controll by the dutch le. History repeats itself. Dream will shut down within 6 months of evidence gathering

  3. Seems Like Cops take over this site ..?
    Why the hell would you do this, if they get caught
    they go to prison anyway with or without fentanyl.

    This is a strange disicion

  4. Not too long ago but also rolled a discussion of a supposed code have been changed in the market itself, this has been some time and nothing happened but it is to keep an eye.

  5. This is probably to take some heat off the market, it makes sense since the feds are going after fentanyl with a raging hard-on.

  6. Albertheinstein

    Yeah right heat off the market
    thsi market is the heat !

  7. I actually reported a vendor name “Drugsquality” to the dream staff and even Deepdotweb.
    This POS is/was selling so called n°4 H “guaranteed vegetal”, bought a 1/4gram. tested positive for Fentanyl and analogues…
    These are the criminals we must ban…but a vendor selling Fent as Fent is no problem to me. Counterfeited tainted drugs make me mad.

  8. Everyone knows that china is shipping in the fent to combat our CIA whos budget is dependant on heroin. THE US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT BRINGS IN THE DRUGS and we already know they are responsivle for all past major drug epidemics. How else will they keep the private prisons at capacity? which they are contractually obligated to do. Just kidding our marines guard poppy fields to protect all those doctors without borders planes that land there and the acetic anhydride is for cleaning supplies.

    • I do agree with you that the government is involved in a drug business. They are making lots of money, and they can control the lowest class with drugs, so they will go to work shitty jobs for little money.

  9. I’m glad to see the ban on fent and analogs by Dream.

    If it was sold as what it is- dosed reasonably on blotters and not sold as a powder- that would be one thing; but people getting grams of it at a time are making dangerous imitations of and modifications to opioids and literally killing people in the process.

    There is a similar issue with NBOMe analogs and cannamimetrics, and not a tenth the outcry about it even though people die. It doesn’t ‘seem’ to be a problem as much in about the past two years as they managed to ban a lot of that stuff in china.

    Still, no one even likes fent.
    Not only is it insanely easy to overdose on
    the effects are not enjoyable. It just makes you black out. I’ve never done it but I had a friend who tried to smoke some several ties and blacked out every time.

    • Fox Mulder

      Fentanyl, carfentanyl and cyclopropylfentanyl are all hardcore juju. It doesn’t make you just black out if snorted in a nasal spray-however if you take too much of that alpha stuff that the dude in wisconsin got busted for, then you keel over and die. Can’t advocate for it though, it is just too damn powerful, but fuck if it wasn’t the best feeling I ever met in my life.

  10. Cops were tearing down Markets and giving out life sentences long before the Fentanyl Epidemic. This will only cause people searching for Fentanyl to contact shady Chinese manufactures who aren’t even producing Real fentanyl but dangerous analogues and using the now low fentanyl users as guinea Pigs. Its a really idiotic move in my opinion because people who knowingly use Fentanyl are the ones dying in mass proportions. Its the ones who are ingesting it unwillingly.

  11. Fentanyl is about as close to a fatal nerve agent as you can get without being human bug poison. So you stick that in fake pain pills and do it badly and hundreds die a month. This is no different from banning poisons and unregistered guns.

    • HellonWheels

      Dream is still allowing vendors to openly sell fake oxycodone pills pressed with fentanyl. The vendors don’t even have to hide the fact that the counterfeit pills are laced with fentanyl, they openly state it in the product listing as well as the description. This glaring inconsistency by Dream is very strange and puzzling.

  12. The White Ninja


  13. Is easy to see that only (the) simplistic minds here oppose to selling it for what it is.

  14. Bitches moaning about fent being taken off the market..so what. Few markets also took off firearms too & no one started crying as much as this. It’s a drug that’s in major spotlight right now.
    So like the firearms bans on the markets after the attention was on those then why not do the same to a drug thats high (excuse the pun) on the LE hit list.

    Doesn’t take a genius to work out the easiest way to hit dealers and buyers up is buy LE setting themselves up as dealers, wait for a big buyer to come along then bust him.

    Wow, seriously still can’t get over the crying about this!!

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