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Serbia Police nabs suspected member of “The Dark Overload” Hacker Group

On May 16, a 38-year-old man, marked as a member of the hacker group Dark Overlord was arrested in Serbia. In a joint operation by the FBI, Criminal Police Directorate (UCC the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Special Prosecution for High-Tech Crime, the man from the capital city was deemed a suspect and arrested after an apartment raid. The suspect’s identity is yet to be revealed but he went by the initials S.S. Serbian investigators confiscated digital gadgets from the suspect’s apartment in the process.

The Dark Overlord group has reportedly hacked 50 victims, gaining more than $275,000 in the process, according to a press release by Serbian authorities. Reports suggest that the suspect is going to be hit with a charge of unauthorized access to a protected computer, together with extortion and hacking charges. It is unknown whether the notorious hacking group is made up of other members or a single-man.

It was reported that a member of the group controlled their email account contacted reporters, stating that the group was still carrying out their intended operations, a move which all but indicated that the group had other members on board.

“The Dark Overlord” hacker group was famously known for attacks and extortion on health clinics and hospitals. The group broke into the hacking scene in 2016 when they made waves for hacking, obtaining and selling personal U.S. healthcare records of over 650,000 patients on “The Real Deal”, a dark web marketplace.

According to reports at that time, the hacker group illegally obtained the data from three separate U.S. healthcare organizations. One was a center in Farmington, Missouri, where they took 48,000 records, another one in the Midwest, being the four census regions of the U.S., where they obtained about 210,000 records, with the last one being in Atlanta, Georgia, also getting about 397,000 records.

According to DeepDotWeb, who first reported the leaked info on the dark web, the hacker group contacted the various healthcare centers they had breached to negotiate on a fee for information scheme. The group also alleged to have already sold records from the healthcare facility in Georgia worth $100,000.

Additional reports stated that the leaked data also included private information ranging from date of birth, insurance information, full names, gender info, addresses and social security numbers. The hacker group also contacted reporters and stated that the data dump could be the key to many illegal activities such as conducting loan fraud, obtaining credit line, and opening new bank accounts. A fee of $700,000 in bitcoins for the data was set by the group as a ransom price.

Moving on to last year, the group again breached the systems of the London Bridge Plastic Surgery and stole top level and sensitive graphic pictures of some celebrities and royals and held them for a ransom, threatening to leak the info on the dark web if their wishes and demands weren’t met. The group once again hacked the Johnston Community School District and stole information on the students. Disturbing text messages were sent by the group to the various parents of the students, some of which threatened to harm their kids and even kill them. This resulted in the closure of many schools in the district. Some of the text messages were then shared on social media, with one reading: “Your child is still so innocent. Don’t have anyone look outside.” “I’m only getting started” was the response they gave one parent when she asked them to put an end to the threats.

One of their famous hacks then happened when they hacked into the studios of Netflix, one of America’s biggest entertainment companies and demanded a fee or else leak unreleased episodes of one of their TV series. The company was reluctant to give in to their demands which led to the hacker group releasing five episodes on a dark web marketplace named “The Pirate Bay”.



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