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Australian agencies: “Never assume the dark web is invisible”

A Brisbane woman, 32, has been arrested and charged with buying and selling illegal drugs from the dark web. The female drug dealer has been accused of importing a package which was later intercepted by Australian Border Patrol Police. This was in response to collect intelligence on the illegal importation from the United Kingdom, following an investigation by Australian Federal police (AFP).

The anonymity through which the dark web operates has been the catalyst of illegal activities on the internet. It has acted like an underground black market where there is a sampling of goods and services that attract the interest of illegal handlers who have a great pique with the police and law enforcement agencies. This way they have been able to evade the authorities.

On the darknet, a user can purchase goods and services that would otherwise attract the attention of the authorities. Drugs and weapons are specially packaged in shipments that escape x-ray scans through consignments that mimic electronics or other instruments. The purchase through the dark web is enabled by the use of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins and the use of web-hosts that cannot be infiltrated.

“The Brisbane woman placed her order using a dark web portal, made payment using bitcoin and later organized for the importation of several consignments of illegal drugs from the United Kingdom,” Terry Price said. The Police force led by Terry Price, the Border Force regional patrol commander for Queensland continued: “This is now a mission accomplished and people shouldn’t make any more assumptions that the dark web is Invisible to Australian Agencies.”

Terry said that they had been able to detect illegal imports and trades made through the dark web black markets with the help and close collaboration among all law enforcement agencies. He added that last year, border officers had been deployed to focus on controlled substances being imported after purchasing them from the dark web. Last year AFP also claimed to have received intercepted data by authorities who cracked down on Hansa darknet marketplace.

Users of the dark web have always felt shielded from authorities and it was a breakthrough when Australian authorities intercepted a shipment of drugs containing Ecstasy and opioids purchased through the darknet. Most of these drugs have very high concentrations that render them reasonably difficult for common users to determine what doses are harmless. It is believed the woman had used a portal on the web where she had arranged for an array of drug shipments from Britain. It is alleged that she used bitcoins in placing the orders and pay for the delivery too.

The notoriety of some darknet portals has provided authorities with leads to follow in the crackdown on illegal dark websites. Some site admins often flaunt their web discourses on social media and the common worldwide website scouting for prospective visitors. But it has led to some sites going down. The infamous market popularly known as Silk Road was taken down by American law enforcement agencies two years ago.

In a statement, the Australian authorities underscored the fact that the dark web and their operations were not entirely invisible. They also brought to light the importance of inter-agencies working together to curb back activities carried out on the underground black market. There was a close collaboration of various Australian agencies with Britain’s law enforcement on the crackdown on this specific shipment.


  1. why does the article say that silk road had been taken down only 2 years ago? this post is full of wrong information

    • weirdtimes

      very weird!ddw’s been around for ages!such “little” mistake makes you wonder what’s going on here i can’t be the only one to have noticed difference in the articles and attitude in the last few months… maybe something happened to the real ddw and we are kept in the dark? just my 2 cents

  2. Aussie pub brawler

    the ARSEstralian government…. bunch of mass shooting hoaxers and control freaks!
    EFF them and EFF the horse they rode in on!

  3. whoever wrote this article is a dumb cunt

    the link to the original article on the case (itnews.com.au) states police alleged the woman did those things which means they havent proved that she had done it.

    im assuming she had low security measures anyway and didnt take proper case in organising the purchase of her coins but regardless it looks like another case of someone importing to a drop in their own name

    stay safe fellow aussies
    if you dont understand the tech then just stick to domestic orders!!
    – Anon

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