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Three Drug Buyers Arrested in Austrian Investigation

In July 2017, Customs Officials of the Frankfurt Customs Office in Germany seized a package of amphetamines addressed to a 28-year-old from the Rohrbach district of Austria. Over time, authorities became aware of three more packages of amphetamines addressed to the 28-year-old in Austria. In March 2018, the 28-year-old’s arrest led to the arrest of two additional suspects and an investigation into nearly 50 drug users connected to the case.

After the Frankfurt Customs Office intercepted the amphetamine packages, the German authorities sent word to their Austrian counterparts about the suspected drug smuggler. Months later, in November 2017, Austrian authorities searched the suspect’s Rohrbach home with assistance from police service dogs trained to find narcotics.

According to a spokesperson for the Linz Public Prosecutor, the raid was a massive success. The police dogs and human investigators found marijuana, cocaine, MDMA, amphetamine, and LSD. They also found elements used in the distribution of narcotics and traces of drugs on many of these items. (They likely found only scales and bags or similar materials used for ‘in person’ drug deals. They mentioned nothing that indicated the suspect had sold drugs on the darknet.) After the police took the 28-year-old into custody for importing drugs and possessing drugs, they received a full confession about the seized packages. He told the police that he had been hired to order appearances for a 31-year-old from Rohrbach and a 22-year-old from Haslach. It is not clear how naming the alleged clients would have helped with the possession charges.

The suspect provided the police with the addresses of the alleged associates and information regarding their activities. In turn, the police raided the homes of the 31-year-old and the 22-year-old. Police found ample evidence at both houses to lock both suspects up on provisional arrest warrants. The 31-year-old had scales; bags; chemicals and powders used to cut drugs; cocaine; MDMA; amphetamine; and LSD. They also found a safe with several thousand euros stashed inside. And the house that belonged to the 22-year-old in Haslach contained a similar amount of evidence. The police found various drugs and two rooms set up as fully functioning grow rooms for marijuana. Authorities arrested both suspects.

During the course of the investigation, the police discovered additional packages of amphetamine that had originated in Germany. They also discovered that the 22-year-old had made routine trips to the Czech Republic to smuggle large quantities of various illegal substances back to Austria. The investigation into the young suspect led police to the discovery of roughly 50 drug users that had bought drugs from the 22-year-old suspect or the primary 28-year-old suspect. The investigation into the additional suspects is underway.

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