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Model ‘Periodically’ Used Ketamine Prior to Alleged Kidnapping

The ‘Instagram model’ who claimed a non-existent criminal group kidnapped her for a darknet auction periodically used ketamine for at least two months prior to the alleged kidnapping. Chloe Ayling, the 20-year-old alleged abductee, told Italian authorities that two men had drugged her and held her hostage for nearly a week. She said her kidnappers had used ketamine and when the medical examiner discovered ketamine in her system, the police believed her story.

Her story raised eyebrows since the beginning. We detailed many of them not long after her story made the news. We wrote about the timeline she gave police that started from the very beginning. We also pointed out that she had actually met the alleged kidnapper a long time before her alleged kidnapping. But the story she gave revealed how she had taken a modeling gig from someone in Milan. She spoke to him on the phone but apparently never recognized his voice.

Once she had arrived in Milan and settled in, she arrived at the address given to her by either the ‘photographer’ or her former agent. When she had stepped inside, she said, two masked men approached her and injected her with ketamine. Ketamine is primarily known for its role in producing anesthesia in humans and in animals. It also has a reputation as a recreational substance and potent sedative. After her statement to police, many skeptics wondered how Ms. Ayling had known her kidnappers had knocked her out with ketamine.

Apparently, at some point after Ms. Ayling woke up in the trunk of a moving vehicle, one of the kidnappers explained what had happened. She told the police, six days after disappearing to an isolated cabin in the province of Turin, that her kidnappers had worked for a human trafficking group called “Black Death Group.” Lucasz and Michal Herba, the alleged kidnappers, had planned to auction her on the Black Death Group’s darknet site. They told her they had knocked her out with ketamine and then placed her in the trunk of a vehicle in order to get her to the cabin, Ayling wrote in a statement.

The 20-year-old never escaped in a classic sense; Lukasz, currently on trial in Italy, freed Ayling on day six. He simply walked into an embassy with Ayling and let her go. Italian authorities arrested Herba and verified as much of the story as possible. A drug test that proved Chloe had ketamine in her system was one of the handful of vaguely verifiable pieces of evidence investigators managed to use in court.

But at the most recent hearing, defence medical witness Domenico Di Candia testified that Ayling’s urine tests had not tested positive for ketamine. Instead, it was a 2cm strand of hair tested positive. He conducted the tests in July after Ayling showed up at the embassy. In court, the doctor said, “hair grows at about 1cm a month the 2cm sample showed that ketamine had been periodically consumed two months before the event.”


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