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Apple data sold to the highest bidder on the darknet

Apple accounts on the Darknet have become very popular and expensive. From a new investigation conducted, hackers on average have to shell out over $15 on illegal markets to get an Apple ID. Nevertheless, Amazon, Gmail, Facebook or Netflix accounts are significantly cheaper.https://heise.cloudimg.io/width/700/q75.png-lossy-75.webp-lossy-75.foil1/_www-heise-de_/mac-and-i/imgs/65/1/8/9/8/3/8/4/Bildschirmfoto_2016-10-14_um_16-2dd569a4701d9bd6.png

The VPN comparison service, Top10VPN, conducted a survey on various marketplaces on the Darknet to determine cracked account types that are most popular. The result was; access to Apple accounts (Apple ID) are by far the most expensive among the “normal” accounts and even you pay only for usernames and passwords of financial providers such as banks or PayPal and debit and credit card details.

According to the survey, Apple on average goes for $15.39. However, Facebook accounts cost just over a third of that, $5.20, and only $1.04 for Gmail accounts. Also among the “entertainment logins”, Netflix is ​​particularly expensive with $8.32, Spotify with $0.21, which is, however, very cheap. Additionally, parcel services such as DHL, UPS or FedEx are “paid” at $2.07 to $10.40, with DHL being the most expensive provider among the list. Furthermore, in terms of online shopping, Amazon is the cheapest with only $9, whiles eBay accounts, according to Top10VPN go for $12.48 dollars on the average. Nonetheless, top of the list is the US department store chain Macy’s going for $15.34 which is still worth a little less than Apple ID access.

The survey also revealed that a functioning PayPal account is reportedly worth nearly $250, an online banking account averaging $160, and Pass copies were also offered to the study makers for $62.61 on the average. Therefore, $1,170.74 had to be paid overall for all types of access, including food delivery services, online dating profiles, other social networks such as Twitter, travel providers and communications services such as T-Mobile.

Recommendation from the Security Experts

There is a lot of Apple ID access thus, Apple not only associates the iTunes profile for purchased music, movies, and TV shows, but also iCloud email, iCloud storage, iOS and Mac theft protection, Apple Music, Device backups and other various central information. However, Google also uses Gmail access for various offers from the Play Store to securing the Android device. The investigation shows how important it is to additionally protect your Apple ID, thus, to avoid getting your Apple ID hacked or scammed. Security experts have recommended a two-step authentication, also known as two-factor authentication or 2FA. The Two-Factor Authentication protects and secures Apple ID and iCloud. Therefore, it is helpful to outline the benefits of the new system and explains the change from the old two-step confirmation.

Explicitly, the user data stored on devices and Apple’s servers are highly sensitive. A hacker, for example, can view your photos and contacts, or steal the latest iCloud backup that includes all your iPhone or iPad content when they access the iCloud credentials. However, that is not so strange; you might have fallen for a phishing attack. In this case, a secure password alone does not protect you. In other to prevent logins with stolen iCloud credentials, Apple introduced a protection system back in 2013 that also requires a “second factor” in the form of one of your sign-in devices. But then, the technology was still imperfect, because it only gradually secured some data and access points. Besides, it was just flanged on the systems. The new two-factor authentication is more deeply integrated since iOS 9.3 and OS X El Capitan and protects every account which also applies to iOS 10 and macOS Sierra 10.12.

Furthermore, anyone who logs on to an iOS device, a Mac or iCloud.com require a six-digit security code in addition to the password. Apple automatically assigns it to the verified phone number or verified device of the user as soon as it is needed. If you are syncing personal information with iCloud and shopping at the App Store or iTunes Store, be sure to enable two-factor authentication-preferably now. Apple has simplified the system significantly, so it should not deter anyone. Nevertheless, the previous system can also be used, as it is still available. Apple now calls it “two-stage confirmation” to distinguish between them. In any case, it is recommended to use one of the two systems but, ideally, the new one is to be used because it has a number of advantages and benefits, greater than the previous.

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