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Teenager Arrested and Sentenced For Buying Bomb on Darknet to Kill Parents

Nineteen-year-old boy, Gurtej Singh Randhawa was arrested by the police for purchasing an explosive weapon on the Darknet marketplace with the intention of blasting his parents into pieces. Information gathered makes it clear that his parents were in strong disagreement with his move to start a relationship with a lady. He, therefore, marked them as a hindrance to his relationship happiness and decided to clear them off without a trace.

The authorities patrolling the side of the internet came across the order of this young man and hatched plans to lay hands on him.

The police officers responded to his order, sending a dead device to the teen thinking his weapon had arrived. The next thing Randhawa had to do was to test the device and come out with strategies to set up the bomb. The National Crime Agency Armed Operations Unit arrested him on May 2017 at the point he was testing his explosive weapon. According to Tim Gregory, National Crime Agency Armed Operations Unit, Randhawa did not purchase any normal bomb but a weapon that has the ability to kill many people at its launch.

It is not clear whether Randhawa had any criminal record. He had recently accepted admission to study Medicine at the Liverpool University. Gregory hinted that the teenager was not a member of any terrorist or criminal group, but his action obviously shows that he is a threat to the community. The former Wolverhampton Grammar school student pleaded guilty to attempting to import an explosive weapon on the Darknet.

How he was exposed to the Darknet was not stated at the court, but it is obvious that the teenager found it safe to go anonymous due to the gravity of his hatched crime.

Andy Young, an integral member of the CPS international Justice and Organized Crime Division hinted that Randhawa earlier denied the intention of using the bomb to kill his parents. “Randhawa denied he planned to use the explosives to cause injury but the CPS demonstrated to the jury that this was a lie and Randhawa was observed attempting to test his device before being arrested.” He added that: “Randhawa had used the darkweb in an attempt to avoid detection but instead, he is now serving a significant prison sentence.”

MS Justice Cheema-Grubb said that Randhawa is capable of manipulating cases with his plainly high intelligence. To the Justice, the offense of the teenager was triggered by his own desires to live with his girlfriend. He has been handed a custodial sentence of eight years.

This will serve as a warning to all people who intend to use the darknet to cover up their crime, and it is a message that authorities are right next door. MS Justice said there is no doubt that Randhawa wanted to attend the University just because his girlfriend is also there.

Before handing the sentence, the Justice said to him that: “How the major changes in your life that you wished for were to be achieved, including endangering the life of your father by setting off an explosion in his car. This was an offence of astonishing audacity. MS Justice added that he paid for the ordered explosive with a cryptocurrency. “You obtained the explosives, so you thought, having paid for the device using cryptocurrency and arranged for its delivery to an address away from your own home,” MS Justice added.

The Darkweb has been tipped to be a major source of weapons to terrorists and criminals. Just as Randhawa, people anonymously order these weapons on the platform and use them to create explosions. In a research conducted by Rand in 2017, the arms trade was one of the most profitable activities worldwide, and one of the listings that people take the first look at.

According to the research, the revenue obtained from the arm trade has an estimated $80,000 per month. This has pushed the authorities to set up fake stores on the various Darknet marketplaces to get these lawless traders behind bars.

Authorities have promised to chase illicit Darknet users until they bring them all under prosecution. The Spanish authorities took similar steps to seize over 1,000 firearms in 2017.


  1. In my opinion a very good written and interresting story.
    Thanks Sam Jona

  2. Those third world families do have a problem adjusting to the realities of the West. Here is the primary problem.

  3. What an interesting story,Darkwep users should be very carefull before buying rondom explosives but this story have given me a great motivation thanks

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