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Austrian Dealers Busted for Darknet Importation

Salzburg: The National Police Directorate (LPD) arrested a 25-year-old drug dealer who had been ordering large quantities of drugs from darknet marketplaces. Officers found more than 1,000 ecstasy pills, 145 grams of MDMA, and 100,000 euros at the dealer’s Salzburg home.

The LPD declined to share any details about the investigation and events that led to the dealer’s arrest, but the recent wave of arrests in the area have been attributed to the arrest of one former Dream and Hansa vendor. The vendor’s arrest set a chain of events in motion as his organization trafficked more drugs than many vendors ever caught by German or Austrian police. One report listed more than 60 identified drug buyers in the region.

In Salzburg, the 25-year-old drug dealer “had everything he needed” for his allegedly short time as a drug dealer. Short or not, the police caught him with massive quantities of drugs for a small-time drug dealer. The total value of the drugs, according to LPD Salzburg, was more than 100,000 euros (118,000 USD).

During a search of the suspected dealer’s home, LPD Salzburg found 65 grams of methamphetamine, 145 grams of MDMA, 7 grams of heroin, and enough counterfeit notes to warrant a follow-up investigation. The police discovered their drug dealing suspect had also been distributing false euro notes throughout the city.

Drug dealing and selling counterfeit currency went hand-in-hand during the second half of 2016 and the trend continued in 2017. For example, not long before the LPD arrested the 25-year-old drug dealer in Salzburg, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Tübingen and the Rottenburg Police Headquarters caught a 24-year-old drug dealer who had also been ordering and distributing counterfeit euros. Roughly one week before that bust, the Federal Criminal Police Office arrested a 20-year-old drug dealer in North Rhine-Westphalia for buying and selling both drugs and counterfeits from the darknet.

Back in Salzburg, the investigation into the 25-year-old dealer expanded in scope. The LPD arrested two men for suspected involvement in the primary suspect’s operation. Both had allegedly used the darknet in their drug distribution conspiracy. Both suspects had drugs in their homes when the police conducted their raids at the respective residences. One of the the two claimed that his drugs were for personal use.

Police investigated the case beyond the extent of the primary suspect drug dealing upon discovering the counterfeit currency element of the crime. Both co-defendants allegedly helped the 25-year-old sell and use the fake euros.

The police arrested and charged all three suspects. One may be allowed to leave jail pending his upcoming court appearance.

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