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“Narcopunishers” on the streets of Kiev (Ukraine)

“Narcopunishers” – is a movement of people’s avengers in Ukraine who claimed themselves to be fighters against drug trafficking. They encourage everyone to take part in a “drug dealers hunt” and turn narcos in by filing a report on the website. The information provided is not even verified and taken as the truth, which means that innocent people might get involved.

When drug dealers (or the ones “believed” to be drug dealers) are found, narcopunishers humiliate them, use physical force and scorch dwelling, in order to make narcos confess and glue a sticker with the store’s name on drug dealer’s forehead. No exceptions are made as both street and DNM narcos fall into their hands. Police condemn such actions and consider that “Robin Hoods” can be imprisoned as well as the ones against whom they declared war.

How do they function?

“I am everywhere. I am here to clear the streets of narcos and other scums. I declare “hunt”. Narcopunisher. You can participate in this “hunt”. Visit the website and forward an application.” – these words are said in a video published in social networks. Judging by the content of the community this movement belongs to the range of right radicals and its members are called “Nazi friends”. In order to file data about a drug dealer one should fill in a form on the gang’s website stating location and other information about a dealer. Also there is a video instruction on how to make a “Nazi friend” mask – a wolf head made of paper with slits for the eyes and abbreviation “ND”.

Narcopunishers operate in large groups. Their main task is to make and leak a video on how they mock narcos (push, beat, make to confess, etc). According to these videos drug dealers are usually teenagers.

However it is not clear what “fighters” do with seized drugs and there are no guarantees that the supposed “narco” is not a respectful citizen slandered by a foe.

Society expresses mixed feelings about narcopunishers. Members of radical group’s community divided into three camps. Some support punishers: “if police can’t cope with drug dealers, then there is no other alternative and citizens should take action.” While the others vigorously oppose lynching, emphasizing that only courts have the right to judge. Also, there are people who think that narcopunishers should struggle against police itself which, as everyone knows, supervises drug trafficking.

Criminal proceedings instituted

Police do not approve the gang’s actions and say that punishers are outlaws. Speaker of Kiev’s region National Police Nikolay Zhukovich told the “Vesti” newspaper: “No matter how they call themselves – “catchers”, “hunters”, “punishers”, these people commit a crime when causing bodily harm. A few years ago there appeared similar “Robin Hoods” who sought out drug dealers in the Chernigov region and then beat them on a camera. As a result, criminal proceedings were instituted, they were arrested and judged. Judicial processing is the only punitive system we have.”

Earlier this year the same local “punishers” in Poltava (Ukraine) appeared in court. The two of them were sentenced to eight years in prison and their property was confiscated. The two other associates were on probation. Investigations revealed that men assaulted citizens covering their crimes under the guise of “war against criminals” (drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling). But these “avengers’” real aim turned out to be a personal beneficiation.

Other hunters

It is not the first time when radicals try to fulfill police duties in Ukraine. In 2013-2014 another criminal group acting in Russia (with the leader in Moscow Maxim Martsinkevich aka “Tesak”) and Ukraine caused a lot of agitation. Its members hunted potential pedophiles over the social networks, communicating disguised as a young boy asking for a meeting. They trapped, humiliated and beat victims filming it and then leaking videos on YouTube. In Kiev (Ukraine) these “fighters” even took money for the “show” – 35 UAH (about $1).

Police came into action and arrests were made, including teenagers performing the role of a bait. They were accused of extortion with serious assaults. The trials of the gang’s members and followers still continue today. It is very important to mention that many victims of the “righteous fury against pedophiles” turned out to be random people.


  1. BringitonPussyPinchers

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  2. Looks like Ukraine is off the list of drug vending.


  4. What absolute scum. Hope they get killed for trying to bother the wrong drugdealers.

  5. I support this. Citizens should take action. Respectfully.

  6. Yeah. The country is in a civil war. This probably doesn’t seem like such a huge threat when there is a real possibility of an artillery grenade falling on your head. Maybe these guys should concentrate on punishing Putin and his lackeys.

  7. Some years ago I recieved a report from a friend that some heroin junkies were using the parking lot of a church that myself and my group of friends attended. It was reported by a few local people that they would be passed out on the ground and such.

    It was all so strange. So on my way home from work every night I would go past and make sure that I didn’t see any of these undesirable types around. Then one day me and my other friend were parked in the parking lot. We notice this light blue SUV parked a bit funny. We thought we would go say hello because you never know what people you meet it being a small community and all. As I got closer I spotted and out of state plate and noted the condition which wasn’t fit to pass the strict standards imposed by our state. Then I seen in the windows it was a skinny male and an overweight woman doing drugs and in the backseat was a young boy. I mention to my friend that it was addicts. Like what the fuck it was not even afternoon yet. We hurried to his car and discussed getting a weapon. It was too far away to drive to my house to get a rifle so we settled for a Louisville T ball bat from his parents house that was just down the street. I rushed in his house past his parents to his bed room to obtain it and as I almost went out his door he showed up. He said having that would sketch his parents out so he slid it out his window.

    We went outside and got it and returned to the church. Those fuckers were still there. I cupped my hand around the bat and held it behind my arm and walked calmly to the SUV. I didn’t want to startle then and risk them getting away.

    As I got near I seen the guy trying to shake the woman. He was standing by the open passenger side door. I asked if he was doing drugs and he said ‘its not what it looks like.’ Bullshit I think as I ready the bat.

    As I was getting ready to start beating on him it dawned on me that I didn’t check to see if any witnesses were around since theres farms on both sides. So I started approaching him as he moved around the vehicle. I was waiting for any reason to just start hurting him. Any asshole that does H in front of a little child just deserves to be killed.

    He got in his vehicle and I yelled that I would murder him if he returns. My friend flipped him off. He drove away.

    I snapped.

    I then went to walmart and purchased a Buck 110. I figured it would be a good weapon to keep on myself at all times in case I ran into any more of these scum. I figured I could stab them to death with it and then cut off their head to make an example of them. People tend to talk a lot when a decapitation happens in my community.

    Later I went around to a few known druggies and told them if they are selling heroin or know who is I will find them. If it continues I will murder their family in front of them and burn down their house with them in it.

    I guess a person can go to a pastor or God for forgivness but I would rather just kill a user than hope for change thats unlikely to come.

    Its been a few years and theres no longer a drug problem locally.

    • Cool story bro

    • you are an idiot, a psycho, and you watch too many movies.
      like it’s better for the child to see his parents beat up to death, right? I bet you are not even old enough to drive a car. go play with your toys you stupid asshole.

    • Fact Checker/Bullshit Detector

      You don’t talk like a gringo. Very close, but no cigar.

      “I rushed in his house past his parents to his bed room to obtain it and as I almost went out his door he showed up.”

      No gringo would ever string those words together.

      No Gringo would “rush… to obtain…” anything (other than a degree or a job), No Gringo woulde misspell bedroom.

      No gringo ever cuts off a head to make a point. It’s overkill, and people here aren’t that angry. Head cuttings are more of an other-side-of-the-world thing, be it Columbia or points East.

      You MUST be working for Trump’s soviet bosses. You have the verbiage, but you lack the authenticity. You don’t talk like a Gringo. You are faking it. Nice try.

    • youre a fucking bitch mate, stop talking shit on the internet. you didnt do shit

  8. Good, kill all drug dealers and users they are the scum of the earth.

  9. Jesus that was a waste of 30 seconds of my life. Get a diary wanker…

  10. haha look at who they get!!! teens and children, just fucks doxxing people they are mad at. i’ve already taken every name in their facebook and reported them to themselves claiming they are just reselling the drugs ahahahahahahaahaha

  11. While the whole thing brings up sentiments of pity for their victims, let’s not forget that usually those who sell drugs on the street aren’t the best folks no matter how you see it.

  12. Narco Punishers = GAY SEX FIGHT CLUB!

    Pffft no wonder the rest of the world thinks that the Ukraine is truly the un-wiped asshole of the planet. Have a look at these Nazi cunts! You vigilante faggots think you’re so righteous and justified and you’re forever looking for a new goup of people to add to your hate-list.

    These faggots all look like a bunch of ‘roid-munching, poo-punching shirt-lifters. It just goes to show the level of education and the median I.Q. of your average Ukraine boof-head.

    You cunts should just beat eachother to death.

  13. This is very approving.
    Aside from the whole “Nazi friends” thing – which is common in Ukraine (mostly the western side), these guys are thinkers, willing actors, and know their common sense..
    ..in other words, very anarchist to a fair extent (no leaders, all action and ideas).

  14. Yeah.. These groups always end up wasting everyones time.
    I give it a month before this group is disbanded, groups like these never last.

  15. Obvious plot twist.
    Leader of this group runs the biggest drug ring in the Ukraine. Sure is easy to get rid of your competition when you going around killing them.

  16. Drugsdontkillpeoplekill

    Look doing junk is crappy, however when you are violent and evil as a result then you have become worse than the problem. Face it , hate is for the weak, and love is for the strong. Figure it out loser.

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