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More Prison Time for Ex-Agent in Silk Road Case

Shaun Bridges, the dirty Secret Service agent who had already landed a six-year prison sentence for the theft of $800,000 worth of bitcoins during the Silk Road investigation, just received another two-years for another bitcoin heist.

In March 2015, authorities arrested Shaun Bridges and Drug Enforcement Administration agent Carl Force. Both men had been part of the team behind the investigation and seizure of the Silk Road marketplace. Both men had stolen substantial amounts of bitcoin from the Silk Road and diverted the money into their bitcoin wallets. Bridges later pleaded guilty to both money laundering and obstruction of justice. Force, in turn, pleaded guilty to money laundering, extortion, and obstruction of justice.

The Department of Justice settled upon a 71-month sentence for Bridges and an 87-month sentence for Force. Bridges also agreed to forfeit $500,000 to the U.S. government. “I’ve lost a lot,” Bridges allegedly told the court. “I’ve accepted responsibility…I just [want] to apologize to everybody.”

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However, Bridges had not ended his desperate attempt to keep bitcoin from the government (or from the original owners). Before serving any prison time, the corrupt agent managed to divert “government-owned” bitcoin to wallets under his control. The former Secret Service agent had stolen the current equivalent of $11.3 million in bitcoin.

The incident came out of nowhere. News about the agent had dulled to a whisper. Then, on January 28, federal agents raided the 35-year-old disgraced agent’s house one day before he was scheduled to surrender himself to the prison system for intake. The authorities claimed Bridges had posed a serious flight risk and reported finding items such as passports and packed travel bags during the raid. U.S. District Judge Richard Seeborg had already banned Bridges from leaving the country or changing his name; the court had given the man temporary freedom but acknowledged the significant flight risk he posed.

Later documents revealed that Bridges had used his former Secret Service position to access the private key associated with a government bitcoin wallet. The wallet had contained (at least) 1,600 bitcoins linked to a 2014 bitcoin exchange investigation. He transferred the bitcoins to multiple wallets under his control.

Bridges admitted to the bitcoin theft and signed a plea agreement that imposed a sentence of 24-months in prison for one count of money laundering. “Bridges was also ordered to forfeit approximately 1,500 bitcoin and other fiat currency, which is currently valued at approximately $10.4 million,” the Department of Justice press release added.


  1. The LAW and POLITICS is just like a football game, pick side and root for that side. The so called JUSTICE system is not about winning, it’s about the end zone and that’s all

  2. we need to lock up everyone who works for the government. They have demonstrated that they are not to be trusted, theives, and are most likely all pedos. They built this insane prison system now its time that they use them. I have my pitch fork and torch on standby for when everyone else decides to take initiative and form a lynch-mob.

  3. American kingpin by Nick something. The best book on Silk Road corruption. Priceless photo of Carl Force disguised in an eyepatch to fool Ross.

  4. RealItchyandscratchy

    not funny that the corrupt agents weren’t exposed at Ross’s trial.
    What a joke of a system.

  5. Absolutely!! How about the now former prosecutor, KATHRYN HAUN, who is now on the Board of Directors, pays zero in taxes as her compensation is in BTC[probably in several accounts] at Conbase!!! Exactly where Ross has his BTC Accounts!!! USAA Savings Bank and Country River Bank as partners!!

  6. he keeps 1m+ after paying his fee? For 2 years so 500k a year pretty much? He still rich lol

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