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Mother’s Partner Arrested after 4-Year-Old Girl Seen in Dark Web ‘Paedo’ Videos

The mother and grandparents of the victim turned the man in after German authorities went public with images of the young 4-year old girl.

Before 12PM yesterday, both the victim and the accused abuser had been identified. A man is now in custody. Images of the young girl were released with an appeal to find information about who she was.

The suspected abuser, and partner of the victim’s mother, aged 24, was arrested near Bremen in the district of Wesermarsch.

The abuser has been charged with nine counts of serious sexual abuse, and also charged with the publication of such videos on the dark web. The judge went to the jail where he was being held and quizzed him with several detectives in order to be formally charged.

Police said the victim was subject to abuse between October of last year and July this year. Lawyers spoke of the vile pictures of the young girl uploaded to the Darknet by her abuser.

Chief prosecutor Georg Ungefuk made the decision to release the pictures of the girl on Monday as a last measure to identify the girl.

Chief prosecutor Georg Ungefuk said that both the victim and tormentor were German citizens – George Ungefuk is from the Central Office for combating Cyber Crime. “This is the last measure to identify the perpetrator. We only fell back on this as all other possibilities had not led to find her true identity.”

“We assume that the child is further exposed to the perpetrator’s access” added Ungefuk. The 4-year old girl is now in the care of child psychiatrists.


  1. the only time i ever crack a smile when i hear about authorities and darknet is when catch these child predators.

  2. Stupid non secured idiot

  3. Your smile should be destroyed by the fact that you only will catch 5% at best and somewhere there are kids in basements that will never see the light of day again

  4. Probably had her face in the video. Cover face or release video after statute of limitations you retards

  5. This is sick. Its one thing to use tor for legit freedoms but for the sickness of harming children is the lowliest of lows and why tor continues to get negative branding. It is a great use of technology but not for the defilement of innocent and children.

  6. The sad thing is peados like H and torpedo see this as some lapse in opsec.

    • Sad thing is hackers/drug dealers like whatever what to do moral grandstanding on the fucking DARK web

      • CurbStomp

        You can’t possibly liken adults making a choice to put a chemical in their own body, and some scumbag force a child into a dispicable act. Will, actually you can, and did. That speaks volumes about you.

  7. Innocent children are being kidnapped, raped and tortured while going through it, aside from the trauma they will carry all their lives and two depraved pedos are pointing out possible flaws in his opsec. Someone needs to go ‘Pulp Fiction’ on your miserable existence.

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