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Swiss Authorities Arrest Three Dream Market Drug Vendors

Recently, Swiss authorities announced that they had identified and arrested three persons who were allegedly selling drugs on the dark web. Law enforcement reported that they had “blocked” the accounts of the suspects. The image the police provided to the announcement is from the Dream Market, where, earlier on, it was reported that some of the vendor accounts were compromised by the Dutch police.

In separate investigations, the Aargau Canton Police Department in Switzerland and the public prosecutor’s office managed to identify and arrest multiple suspect darknet drug traffickers. According to a police announcement, the defendants sold large amounts of narcotics to their customers on the dark web. Law enforcement authorities now blocked the accounts of the suspects in order to avoid further trade of illicit substances.

According to police officer Bernhard Graser, the three arrests the Swiss Canton police conducted is a big catch. Mr. Graser added that the suspects are now held in investigative custody for “several months”, however, if they are found guilty in court, they can expect long prison sentences. The police officer added that all three are “serious cases” of violations of the Act on Narcotic Drugs.

In the course of the investigations, law enforcement authorities identified a 28-year-old Swiss man at first. According to the police, the suspect had a flourishing trade with amphetamine, marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and LSD on the dark web where customers could purchase the illicit substances from his vendor store.

While the police were investigating the 28-year-old’s case, they had managed to identify another suspected dark web narcotic vendor. The 36-year-old Swiss had allegedly received orders for marijuana and sent out orders to his customers using the national postal service throughout Switzerland. Law enforcement authorities estimate that the man had a turnover of at least 100,000 Swiss Francs ($104,000). The Swiss Cantonal Police highlighted in the announcement that, as almost all trades on the dark web, the 36-year-old suspect received payments in bitcoins for the narcotics.

Investigators managed to identify the last, a 50-year-old suspect, who was also selling drugs on the dark web. Forensic experts at the Swiss Cantonal Police managed to access the vendor profile of the defendant, which allowed them to see all his messages, orders, and advertisements for narcotics. Law enforcement authorities discovered that the 50-year-old had sold significant amounts of marijuana to his customers.

Screenshots provided by the canton police show two locked profiles with the names “DrFeelWell” and “DerErsteAffe”.

“This account was confiscated by the cantonal police in Aargau on behalf of the public prosecutor’s office Brugg-Zurzach,” this is the message that appears at the locked profiles when you try to view them. The vendor stats can also be seen at the profiles. DerErsteAffe currently has 108 completed transactions.

After law enforcement authorities seized the servers of the Hansa and the Dutch National Police took over the darknet marketplace for a month in an undercover operation, it was reported that the police used the same passwords and usernames to access vendor accounts on other dark web markets. Using this technique, the Dutch National Police managed to take control of at least 12 vendor accounts on the Dream Market. At the time, the sellers discovered that they were locked out of their accounts. The investigators had changed the user id of the PGP keys from the original to “Dutch National Police”.


  1. hi do somebody where finished the vendor klaasflakko…in wich shop or how i can contact him

  2. Pour ma part, je ne reçois plus qu’une commande sur 2. Y a t’il d’autres membres qui pourraient confirmer une surveillance plus féroce des douanes Suisses ?
    Si c’est le cas, nous voilà bon pour retourner dans les centre-villes et continuer à se faire empoisonner avec des produits de merdes.

  3. I hope they get DutchFactory who sells fake Heroin and fake drugs whih are killing pople all over the united states.

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