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The model kidnapped and auctioned speaks up

A 20-year-old British model, Chloe Ayling was kidnapped and then auctioned on a sex market on the Darknet. This has made the Darknet marketplace a more dangerous place as it goes beyond the sales of drugs and weapons. In defense to this act, a man was sentenced to death over a child sex case in the Philippines.

The last time her fans heard from her before her rescue was on 10 July, when she posted on her Facebook and Instagram that she had arrived in Italy.

According to reports, the model was invited to Milan to have a photo shoot. Upon her arrival, she found herself in a suitcase instead of a photo studio.

How It All Started

According to a source, Ayling’s model agency in the United Kingdom set up a photo shoot for her in Milan. They received the invitation from a legitimate company which was believed to be looking for models for their ad campaign.

According to her, she found four strange men in the supposed studio with no camera. The four men were in possession of an anesthetic drug known as Ketalar. The men put a pillowcase over her head and put her into a large duffle bag. They then drove her to an event hall dressed with fake documents.

Information reveals that the kidnappers have set up a market on the Darknet where humans are trafficked, and they intended to sell the model on the platform for a price ranging from $300,000 of bitcoin.

Francesco Pesce, her lawyer, described the event to reporters: “She is such a young girl to have been subjected to such an ordeal; she must have suffered so much. He added that”It must have been terrifying to be alone in this house being locked up by strangers in the middle of nowhere. She was told she was going to be sold. It was scary.”

In 2016, a lady was identified to be working through the Darknet as a sex worker. The review on her profile even showed that her Darknet sex business was booming. It is no doubt that criminals are more comfortable to operate the Darknet network.

On the Darknet, their identities are protected and the currency used in trading makes its users anonymous. The combination of these illegal services and the service of the hitmen contributed to the shutdown of the two leading Darknet marketplaces. As part of the method to deal with human trafficking on the platform, DARPA was invented to discover human trafficking on the Darknet.

The police managed to make an arrest but the identity of the suspect was not disclosed. An investigation conducted revealed that nude pictures of the victim were found on the phone and the computer of the suspect. Similar photos were also found on the auction site on the Darknet.

After the model came out of her drugged state, she told the man that she has a child, and this is prohibited by the policy of the agency.

On the computer of the suspect, the police found a letter addressed to the victim: “You are being released as a huge generosity from Black Death Group.” The letter also says: “Your release does, however, come with a warning and you should read this letter very carefully.”

In the letter, the kidnappers apologized for kidnapping her as they were unaware that she is a mother. The letter reads: “You are certainly aware of your value on the human slavery market and must make a note that this isn’t personal, this is a business.”

“A mistake was made by capturing you, especially considering you are a young mother that should have in no circumstances been lured into kidnapping.”

The letter continues to read: “Second important factor you are very well aware of is your overall protection by one of our men and very well respected men who made a very clear and solid stance in your case.”

The company policy prevents one from kidnapping a mother, and as a way of benefitting from the time wasted, they demanded her to pay an amount of $50,000 in bitcoin.

The kidnapper was aware that the police might be looking for him, so he called the police that he had found a woman and she would be dropped off at the modeling agency. The police waited and arrested the suspect right after delivering the woman.

The woman after her rescue told reporters that: “I am incredibly grateful to the Italian and U.K. authorities for all they have done to secure my safe release. I have just arrived home after four weeks and haven’t had time to gather my thoughts.” She added that “I am not at liberty to say anything further until I have been debriefed by the U.K. police.”

The police now suspect that other young women are being auctioned on the Darknet, and they are conducting an investigation into the Darknet. The investigation has now been extended to France, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom.

The suspect has been charged with kidnapping and illegally holding a person captive. The other suspect has not yet been arrested.


  1. You’ve researched this story so badly, it really sounds like you would believe in it but in the end it was just a hoax….

  2. this is fake too

    “I am incredibly grateful to the Italian and U.K. authorities for all they have done to secure my safe release. I have just arrived home after four weeks and haven’t had time to gather my thoughts.” She added that “I am not at liberty to say anything further until I have been debriefed by the U.K. police.”

    she was handed this script and she memorized it to the letter. thats a fact, watch the video, she was happier than a kid a Christmas. – ‘kidnapped’ haha your joking aren’t you

  3. Lol I smelled Bullshit on this from a mile away.
    What demented people do you guys let write here? This dude obvioulsy believes every crap, even mentioning the mainstream BS about darknet hitmen.

    If those “high quality articles” continue we can all go back to reading the mainstream garbage about the darknet.

    Especially in this regard, Deepdotweb should hold itself to a higher standard.

  4. Oh bullshit. If there were fucking real Darknet human markets then millions would be buying and way more people would be going missing. The whole point of DDW was to tell the news that the standard media wouldn’t because they had no idea how the darknet worked, to get passed sensationalist bull and focus on real incidents. This is just the same old creepypasta made by someone who fucking believes the “iceburg” image being told told by a rich white girl for attention. When will the image of those of us on the dark web being fucking Satanist kidnappers stop and more importantly when will those at DDW stop spreading that image for clicks.

  5. “DARPA was invented to discover human trafficking on the Darknet.”

    Umm… DARPA (originally ARPA) is older than older than the space program. They invented the internet – in 1969! Doh!

  6. Am I on fakenews?

  7. Who the fuck would pay 300k for some used up old instagram whore. How many willing prostitutes could you buy for this price would would be happy to be chained to a bed for a couple years for 300k.

    Its utter, utter bullshit.

  8. now her fake career will go off. people will do whatever it is they do to girls half cute enough to get mostly naked on social media. now she has a set-up fake traumatic experience. wish my life were so EASY. it’s too bad some UAE nutjob isn’t raping her every couple hours. she and everyone like her deserve it. bitch is old too to be buying anyway…she will be tossed in no time. hopefully that child will be up for sale soon. much more productive than a beauty clerk raising you and giving you your values and morals

  9. This whole incident seems like a huge hoax and it’s increasingly looking that way as more info gets released. A lot of the surrounding details don’t add up and didn’t from the beginning. Now this broad is famous, whereas previously she was nobody.

    It also doesn’t help her case that her ex-boyfriend told the media that she’s extremely obsessed with becoming famous and would do literally anything to achieve that goal.

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