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Valhalla Market Compromised: Finnish Customs Allegedly Identified Hundreds of Valhalla Users

According to a press release issued by Finnish Customs on August 17, a Customs investigation had “exposed” a large-scale drug trafficking network. The network—or in this case, drug trafficking organization—operated from within Finland. From there, they distributed their products to buyers both in Finland and across the globe. Central to the operation was the darknet marketplace known as “Valhalla” or “Silkkitie.”Screenshot_20170818_061335.png

The vendors, as described in the Customs report, operated a massive, international, drug trafficking ring. On Valhalla, they sold testosterone, estrogen blockers, erectile dysfunction medication, along with other “doping agents.” The ring imported raw materials from China and Germany and manufactured many of the products they had sold on the aforementioned darknet marketplace.


Customs in Finland revealed very little, likely due to the ongoing status of the investigation. However, assuming the preliminary investigation is complete, Customs had become aware of the traffickers after opening one of the packages of raw materials. The game, at that point, was on. Between August 2016 and March 2017, Customs had seized roughly $420,000 worth of this group’s Valhalla products. That figure was specific to raw material and “doping product” sales.

Based on several pieces of information in the press release, along with real life happenings, some internet users interpreted the press release differently than others. The publication indicates that at some point—significantly earlier than the press release—Customs had arrested or identified all of their suspects. (To certain limitations). They then conducted their pretrial investigation and identified hundreds of Valhalla users. Circumstantially coinciding with floods of complaints about the sites reliability, deposit issues, and ever-increasing “exit scam” reports. This activity ultimately resulted in a removal of the Valhalla listing from the “Top Markets List.”


The ability to have gathered identifying data on hundreds of customers, within a short period of time, also seems unlikely. The number of customers is not odd. But the fact that Customs collected identifying information on 200 or more during the preliminary investigating meant that the group either kept customer records in an easily accessible form, was coerced into handing over passwords and private keys, or one of the three suspects had elevated marketplace privileges. Bundling the first two options, Occam’s razor principles indicate that the elevated privileges option is least accurate.

DeepDotWeb reached out to a Customs representative but is yet to hear back. Another representative spoke with a Finnish news outlet regarding the three suspects, but said nothing in the way of the customer data.

“There are two main suspects that have supplied the substance to the ground, created it and distributed it.; the third person has acquired [the first two suspects] more of this substance; that is why he has become the title of a serious doping offense,” Customs Investigator Vesa Ruotsalainen wrote.”When a substance is acquired or possessed enough, it is considered that it is no longer for own use.”

TE46 it-riidatTulli.jpeg

During a raid, Customs seized—along with 25 liters of testosterone—more than $80,000 and bitcoins in “the main bank account.”

“The Preliminary Examination of Customs has been completed and [the case] has been transferred to the prosecutor for prosecution in the prosecution office of Eastern Finland,” the press release concluded. Also, Valhalla market still exists and appears as functional as it ever has been.


  1. How can they identify an user. Even if they had full access to the server and its backend. They have my username and my corresponding pulic pgp-key, now what?

  2. Echt – people who dont encrypt sensitive info themselves… they leave it up to the market system to encrypt their address, for example… if the market is comprised… those messages are totally unencrypted and captured… ALWAYS encrypt your own data with the intended recipients Public Key. This wilp be safe until quantum processing is available, which is most likely is… to a select few?

  3. was login couple days ago and after refresh site
    i was log out and pw not longer working

    never try it again

  4. After a month I was able to log in int my first user account of Valhalla yesterday where I had some spare coins .
    I wrote about a dispute for an order never reiceved but auto paid , since I could not log in .

    To my surprise I had the support reply in in few hours ??? Should I worry

    Also after I made an order for some lil weed the order shows ” address missing ” is this a trick to capture the address on clear text ( even if the site says is PGP vendor encrypted )?

    For not being unsure I wrote th address to pm to the vendor but if it is compromised he could still reiceved like is crypted but is clear from some other point .

    Fuck it false identity on a dead end address untreaceable for some gram of weed I don’t think I’d raise suspicion

    My question still the same tho . Feds can collect address and sensitive data if a site is up but spied/compromised even if you flag encryption ??

  5. I opened my VPN and fired up Tor for the first time in a bout a year. Thats how long its been since I placed an order. I was using dream mkt then. i started seeing that a lot has happened since last year. Alphabay, Hansa, and several other markets had been compromised. Dream was also under suspision which prompted me to find a safer place to buy. I was led to darkwebnews after a search query, and that site indicated that Valhala was still up and running and good to go so I deposited .058 BTC to my account after registering on Valhala only to find out that it was compromised. My coin is still unconfirmed. Determined to buy something, I transferred more coin to another market. This time I tried wall street. Can anyone vouch for this site? Will I ever recover my coin from Valhala? Can I be identified and charged with a crime from this mistake? I know thats a silly question, but all the tutorials i read to protect my anonymity were very reassuring that if I did everything right, it would be impossible for anyone to ID me. I need someone to tell me what I want to hear! lol. That all will be well and not to worry.

  6. Why can’t they just let people make their own decisions? Good, bad, or indifferent, about using drugs? Vote Libertarian! Just learned a little about the party from a friend. They believe in allowing people the freedom to make their own choices in life. I know this can be risky, because not everyone makes educated choices, but if we are truly a free nation, one should have the freedom to do this despite the consequences. Just my personal opinion.
    Be well all!

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