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Buyer Said Someone Else Used His Name, Charges Dropped

Roughly two years ago, a man’s name appeared on a “meticulous” log of buyers that Police seized from a major darknet vendor. That man, a 26-year-old from Gilching, a municipality in Starnberg, went to court in mid-June on ecstasy charges. He denied ever ordering the packages and argued that someone used his name. The defense worked; he left the courtroom a free man.

The vendor with the “meticulous” list of buyers, while left unnamed in the media releases, was described as a vendor that matched Shiny Flakes perfectly. Courtroom reporters revealed that law enforcement found the name two years ago. The list, found in 2015, belonged to a vendor who operated a massive operation of Leipzig. Reporters revealed one more piece of information: that the vendor received a seven year prison sentence—sentenced as a juvenile.

In 2015, in Leipzig, law enforcement raided Shiny Flakes aka Maximilian S. The Leipzig Court charged Maximilian with the distribution of 914 kilograms of various drugs. At the time of his arrest, he had 320 kilograms combined weight of MDMA, hash, speed, LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, and others.

He sold an abnormally high quantity of drugs, yet the tale continued. At the time of his arrest, not only did police find drugs; they found distribution materials; almost 50,000 euros; a Bitcoin wallet with 1197 bitcoins in it; cell phones and a computer; and an Excel spreadsheet filled with buyer names. Maximilian marked orders incomplete or finished with different colors.

And to add to the evidence, Maximilian was a 20-year-old who lived at his mother’s house. He received a juvenile sentence of seven years in prison. Individuals who bought or worked with Maximilian have continually appeared on the news. The list incriminated many buyers and law enforcement knew Maximilian’s shipping location, which made matters worse. Raids on 40 different residences occurred the day of and after the Shiny Flakes bust.

The 26-year-old from Gilching adamantly denied the accusations placed against him. He claimed that an unknown person simply used his name and address to order from a darknet drug shop. Judge Brigitte Braun of the court in Starnberg asked the defendant is he knew anyone who would have used his name. He did not. His defense attorney explained that anyone his his multi-family residence could have accessed the mailbox. She argued that the prosecution heard no evidence that someone did not use his name to order ecstasy; thus, the judge had to free her client.

However, the prosecutor disagreed. He demanded a sentence of two years and four months. Also, he demanded that the name on the list was not coincidental, and no “wild-eyed person who had chosen the young man as a ‘fake address.’”

According to court records and the prosecution, the corner defendant ordered thrice. One test order of 10 ecstasy capsules. Then 250 ecstasy pills. And then “a considerable amount of synthetic drugs.”

The courtroom needed only 10 minutes to conclude the case. Judge Brigitte Braun agreed with the defense. No evidence existed against the man. She dismissed him.


  1. Smart way to defend yourself. No evidence = no proof. So basically, if your details appears on a vendor’s computer, just say someone else might have used your mailbox. Make sure your mailbox is accessible to everyone though.

  2. Maximilian deserved his sentence just by fact that he stored customers data.

    To the other guy, he got lucky that he didn’t have a “paper” history for Drugs. If he did he would be fucked :)

  3. maximilianhasasmalldick

    Well, it all depends on if the judge believes you… I also ordered from Maximilian aka Shiny-Flakes. At the time police questioned me about my name on his list, i didnt have any records about drugs. I got a very expensive lawyer, but still got fucked in court. They checked my bank account and noticed that i bought Bitcoins on the days where i ordered from that fucktard. The amount of Bitcoins matched the amount of the ordered drugs. This was enough for the judge to sentence me. I advise everyone not to rely on this post and believing that RL data are ok to order drugs with, just use an anonymous drop or buy a cheap packstation – in the end it will save you a lot of money…

  4. innocent until proven guitly

    Wrong title!

    Excuse me? This guy is no buyer at all. As a matter of fact, he’s innocent.

    He’s a person wrongly alleged of buying by overzealous Bavarian law enforcement.

    To be perfectly clear, buying stuff on DN is not illegal under German law, just the possession of regulated stuff.

    Please correct.

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