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Tor 7.0 Released with Content Sandbox and Multi-process Mode

Tor Browser 7.0 is the new version of the web browser specialized in private navigation and is a fundamental part of the Open Source communications network system Tor, which aims to achieve anonymity at the network level.

With the advent of Tor Browser 7.0, we have new security measures and many changes to remain anonymous on the Internet. Here, you will find all the changes and improvements available in the latest official version of Tor Browser.

This is the first stable version and it is based on Mozilla Firefox 52 ESR, the latest version released in this extended support mode. Among the innovations, we have the support for multiprocessing, which allows to improve the performance of the browser and security, by “isolating” processes individually.

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Tor Browser 7.0, the most secure browser

In addition to being based on Firefox 52 ESR, this latest release is also an update of the last versions of its major components.

Tor 7.0 lets users connect to the Tor network with help from the Tor button of version, Tor Launcher of version, NoScript extension in version 5.0.5 and HTTPS-Everywhere in version 5.2.17.

Another advantage of Tor Browser 7.0 is that everything runs inside a sandbox or protected environment. Unfortunately, this is not something that we can take advantage of in Windows (at the moment) and the benefits will be available if we use the operating systems macOS and Linux. In addition, these users will have an extra layer of security when using the Unix Domain sockets to communicate with the Tor network.

In Tor Browser 7.0 we also have new measures against tracking and tracing on the network. Among them, the best blocking of cookies, the isolation of the address bar or the functions deactivated by default (WebGL2, WebAudio, Social, SpeechSynthesis, Touch APIs or the MediaError.message property).

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However, the managers of Tor Browser 7.0 remind us that there are some errors that we must know.

For example, Advanced Linux Sound Architecture or ALSA support has been disabled in Mozilla Firefox 52 ESR, and this could leave these users without sound. The download button for PDF files does not work. Finally, it is possible that Tor Browser will be “frozen” on some web pages due to a NoScript problem.

Tor Browser 7.0 can be downloaded from the Tor Browser Project website.



  1. Isolation done by the browser, sounds good. Any darkweb user should upgrade imo.

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