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Swiss Authorities Left Powerless Against Online German Weapons Shop

On May 18, a man from Frick, Switzerland visited the website migrantenshreck.ru (migrant fright in English), a firearm webshop promising fast and discreet product delivery for customers who want to protect themselves against asylum seekers. Behind the shop is Mario Rönsch, a well-known German right wing extremist who is infamous in the country for calling for violence and incitement.


The Frick man ordered a Schreckschuss Revolver for 399 euros and a pack of 9mm pepper spray gas cartridges, made by Walther costing 39.98 euros. He also purchased a tube of Oxet A2 silicone gel for 7.99 euros, which is a necessary equipment for hard rubber bullets. This type of ammunition can lead to severe injuries at short distances.

The weapons shop promises “fast and discreet delivery with no bureaucratic hurdles”. Almost 200 successful orders were made via the website in the last seven months from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. German newspaper zeit.de acquired customer data and leaked it online. The statistics show that six orders were made only in Switzerland.

According to the Federal Office of Police (Fedpol), an authorization is needed for the import of such weapons. However, the webshop received no import searches and all of the customers acquired the firearms illegally in Switzerland.

The Aargau Canton Police visited the Frick man in October. The customer received a note from the Land Criminal Police Office (LKA) in Berlin. The LKA is currently conducting an investigation on the webshop. However, the police visit came off as unsuccessful since the Frick man denied all claims against himself and law enforcement authorities couldn’t perform a house search.

The canton police in Thurgau, St. Gallen, Basel-Landschaft and Solothurn were not even aware that customers made gun orders from the Migrantenschreck website in their area.

“We will look at the facts together with the relevant cantons,” said Fedpol spokeswoman Lulzana Musliu.

However, regarding the website, Swiss police is powerless.

“Even if the site is clearly hurtful, we can’t simply switch it off because it is a foreign domain,” Musliu said.

According to a Swiss news outlet’s research, the website first went online in April on a .ch domain, which locked the site down, later on. However, the .ru domain offers the website a good protection against Swiss law enforcement authorities. According to Zeitonline, the German extremist orders the rubber guns from Hungary, which seems to be the website administrator’s headquarters. At the address provided on the site, there is no office but a mailbox. According to the German news outlet, the guns are sent by post from Hungary to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The chance for customs detecting a package is quite low and area-wide screenings are not possible due to the high number of parcels arriving daily. Without legal permission to perform a home search, law enforcement authorities in Switzerland remain powerless against the weapon shop.

“It’s true,” Bernhard Graser said from the Aargau police. “In theory, everyone can order a weapon online or from the Dark net.”

More and more people are purchasing weapons in Switzerland. Since the intercepted firearm packages are not listed in the country, we can’t see how much illegal parcels were seized in Switzerland. However, the issued firearm rate grew fast. In Aargau, from 2015 to today, the number of weapons-issued-licenses increased from 3,650 to 4,900, over 34% in one year.


  1. as much as i want to accept that this is heartwarming news, weapons are used as a scapegoat for increased surveillance and the removal of rights. still, it is good that citizens are able to arm themselves against a tyrannical government and the muslim hordes

    • Muslim hordes? What the fuck are you talking about?
      I’m from EU. France, not far from Germany and I’m still waiting for your so called “hordes”.
      You said yourself that guns are used as a scapegoat for increased surveillance… it’s the same thing with refugees here.
      In one hand, EU govs accept refugees. In the other hand, they are using them as a scapegoat to increase surveillance laws.

      In every EU country, a right-wing party is gonna say shit like “omg look! they come to kill us, take our jobs and our money, rape our wifes, blablabla”.
      Simple minded people on the Internet then make groups and websites about it even that the refugees are not here yet. Maybe because a very little group a refugees did shitty things like a group rape.
      (Yeah… EU locals NEVER group raped anyone right? Even as younger EU locals only know war situation on textbooks and Internet videos.)

      In real life (not on the Internet) I can say that refugees are FAR from being hordes. You barely see them. And it’s not like they have “ASYLUM SEEKER” tattooed on they faces….
      IF you walk past one of them you won’t be able to say shit. EU is a mixed color continent already, what the fuck are you talking about?

      Really what the fuck people, everyday I see americans or even EU shitheads telling people how refugees are here to kill us all for islam or whatever the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
      Just be an atheist and stop believing everything is about RELIGION WAR OR WHAT EVER.

      Really wtf. Every EU terrorist so far as been known by LEO before the attack… THEY WERE NOT REFUGEES. A lot where actually born in the EU and brainwashed by shitheads like you that it’s all about religious wars. Fuck that.

      I’m in the EU. I have a job, a home, a family etc. AND ALMOST EVERYTHING IS FINE HERE. We don’t have guns.
      Only criminals here have guns and they don’t use them often as it’s telling police to come over make an investigation. They use them on other criminals for the most part. Fake guns are used for robberies here (MBB guns are cheap and legal here with no red safety tip on the gun like in the US).
      Police have guns but don’t use them because they don’t want to kill people like your US cops.

      The only problems in EU are;
      -Lack of jobs because of capitalism (less jobs because a lot more machines, not because of refugees or whatever) [And it’s gonna get WORSE with capitalism still going on. Work more for less.]
      -Violence due to drug sales. (And it’s gonna get WORSE because of prohibition still going strong and people believing they can rule the game with more powerful weapons)
      -Shitty govs doing shitty things like not putting Christine Lagarde in prison for giving 400 MILLIONS EUROS OF PUBLIC MONEY to a friend.
      -Shitty politics who never worked of they lifes telling workers to STFU and accept getting fired for nothing like in the US. (Never heard of syndicalism USA? ’cause damn you have some shitty work laws).
      -Right-wing telling simple minded people in the EU and even in the USA to make us look bad that refugees are killing/raping/whatever. Nope. White people “native EU” are killing and rapping way more that any other “race” (if you believe in races… which is bullshit basically.)

      Sorry for my bad english, I’m just angry to see shit like this by people
      who are not even here or got a phone stolen by a black guy and became a racist in denial.

      • Stop smoking up.
        There are hordes of Afghans and Syrians. All male 20 years old.
        They look dangerous.

        • drschnaggels

          I live in south west germany and we have hordes of everything in young age, no kids, no wimmen. the syrians are fine people, the black from afrika are not!

  2. Good fuck those refugee trash they are the scum of the earth i hope somebody used those guns for a anti allahu akbar

    • EUguy

      Refugees are escaping war in they country.
      Terrorists are making the war in they country.

      You are basically saying that refugees are terrorists… refugees are escaping this kind of people.

      “Scum of the earth”? Yup, so do you. You’re insulting your own species wtf.

    • HaadiIndian

      you are dead son!

  3. this fucking guns, jesus, all trafick guys, die in Hell

  4. German newspaper zeit.de acquired customer data and leaked it online.???


  5. @ you are wrong. you can start buying pepper spray in germany when your are 14 years old. its not a weapon. very important is the label “for dog defense” is similar. Like this http://www.pfefferspray-versand.de/images/grossbilder/xtreme-hand.jpg

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