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Agora Vendor Sentenced to Four Years In Prison For MDMA Distribution

Postal workers in Washington intercepted several packages of MDMA and Xanax that led to the arrest of a darknet vendor. That vendor, Tristan Simpson Brennand, was arrested in December 2014, released on bond, and subsequently arrested again. On October 10, Brennand was sentenced to four years in prison for drug distribution.

In a letter to the court, Brennand explained that he started selling drugs to support his opioid addiction. At 19-years-old, the Olympia resident switched from opioids in pill form to heroin. From there, he began requiring an increased cash flow. He decided to re-sell drugs on the DNMs.

“When I reflect on the past two years there is almost nothing I’m proud of,” wrote Brennand, now 22, in a letter to the court. “The two emotions that best describe my feelings towards my crimes and actions are regret and shame.”


Court documents revealed that an informant worked with the investigators in the Brennand investigation. The informant told detectives that Brennand was selling massive quantities of drugs on the darknet; Agora and Evolution were the only two markets mentioned.

Federal agents, after the statement from the CI, began working with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS). A USPIS agent, in a sworn statement, corroborated the informant’s claims, saying Brennand bought pounds of MDMA from Germany. Brennand also, according to the agent, received thousands of Xanax bars from India and marijuana products from within the United States.

The feds acquired enough to put Brennand away and an indictment followed. Brennand, along with Boden Gregory Bridge, a suspected accomplice, were simultaneously indicted.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas Woods said in court papers:

This new frontier is dangerous—and a clear message needs to be sent that those who peddle their poison on the internet—face serious penalties. The dark web presents a new threat to public safety and health. The network reaches those who are too apprehensive to conduct a deal on the street, or those, say in rural areas, who may not have a direct drug supplier.

The USPIS agent said that Brennand served as a middleman. He purchased the drugs in bulk from suppliers worldwide and similarly shipped them out to smaller buyers. Bridge, who was indicted and arrested with Brennand, was a distributor of the vendor’s MDMA. He distributed it on the streets however.

Law enforcement seized $33,000 from Brennand’s home, along with a substantial amount of MDMA. Documents revealed he sold 14 pounds of MDMA during his stint as a darknet vendor. Bridge was similarly arrested with MDMA; he was in possession of a pound of the product at the time of his arrest. He was also arrested with a .45 pistol.

Both men pleaded guilty to drug offenses. Bridge and Brennand have both pleaded guilty to drug offenses. Brennand was sentenced on October 10 by U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik. Bridge is expected to be sentenced early next year.


  1. Loose lips sink ships

    Informant my arse. People need to stop telling others what they do online this will be the outcome otherwise.

  2. Calling MDMA poison would only apply if the batch were contaminated and toxic. Of course, no quality control cuz it’s illegal. Volia, the circular thinking of a U.S. District Attorney.

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