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Irish Dark Net Drug Dealer Requests Shorter Sentence for His Cooperation

Neil Mannion, the mastermind who ran an international drug business on the dark net was sentenced to six-and-a-half years. His Partner, Richard O’ Connor received a three-year sentence.

Mannion, of Mount Drummond Avenue in Dublin, Ireland is now requesting for a shorter sentence due to the fact that he worked with law enforcement, and helped them learn about how criminals operate on the dark net. Both men cooperated to the fullest extent.

Mannion’s request has thus far been unanswered. The two partners were the first to be convicted in their country for online drug trafficking.

The two were sentenced in December of 2015 following a lengthy investigation. The two were busted selling drugs on Agora and Silk Road in October 2014. During the search, police seized € 143,000 in drugs. Mannion admitted that he was in charge of the drug ring, while O’Connor was compensated for packaging and shipping the orders to customers all over the globe.

Police had been doing surveillance on the drug dealing pair after an informant gave police information regarding the IP address the business was being ran from. Law enforcement then followed Mannion’s car to the address, and served a search warrant. They found both men on the scene with packaged drugs, packaging equipment and supplies, scales, and shipping products.

A quote from an article previously reported by Benjamin Vitaris on ddw:

“Both men pleaded guilty to possession of LSD, Amphetamine, and Cannabis Resin with the intent to sell or supply at Bank House Business Center, South Circular Road on November 5th, 2014.”

It was also reported that prior to their convictions, both parties criminal records were clean, with no cases what so ever.

The judge in the case stated:

“It may seem that committing crimes on the internet is somewhat easier than selling drugs on the street. It gives the impression of vulnerability and the impression that the crime is less serious, but it’s not. These two sold drugs to third parties for profit.”

In the past, online drug dealing was really never reported. With the dark net gaining stride and popularity, law enforcement is being forced to become more familiar with how these particular cyber criminals operate.


  1. The “informant” was none other than the FBI!

  2. “Irish Dark Net Drug Dealer Requests Shorter Sentence for His Cooperation”


    When you cooperate with law enforcement all you can get is larger sentence, because you are giving them evidence they don’t have.

    Never cooperate. Just shut the fuck up or listen Shaggy’s advice:


  3. first time i see on irish, busted

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