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Croatian Police Arrest Suspects After Intercepting 57g Ecstasy Shipment

Two Croatian men were arrested for drug trafficking after local police seized an ecstasy package heading into the country. Local police are becoming aware of an influx of darknet packages travelling through the post office.

In mid-September, the narcotics department of the Criminal Police Directorate performed a controlled delivery with a shipment of ecstasy. The number of pills received remains unknown but police reports revealed 57g of “Orange Amsterdam tulips” were seized during the investigation. When a 27-year-old Croatian citizen accepted the package, a brief investigation took place. Police searched the man’s home and “other” premises, subsequently discovering another individual involved in the crime.


During the search of the 27-year-old’s home, police identified a younger accomplice. A 26-year-old Croatian man was determined to be involved, albeit to a lesser degree. Multiple scales were located, along with several “items that are associated with crime,” says a local news outlet. According to Croatian law, the drugs alone would lead only to a drug possession charge. However, upon discovering the scales and and other related objects, the charges changed.

The 27-year-old, who had allegedly been suspected of drug drug trafficking, was charged unauthorized production and trafficking of drugs. His 26-year-old accomplice received charges related to aiding the commission of the crime. Both men are in custody and are awaiting trial at the Municipal Prosecutor’s Office.

The General Police Directorate has reported seeing an increased number of drug transactions involving the post office. After a similar case in September, police report seeing an increase in darknet drug sales coming into Croatia. The September case followed the same pattern. A package containing 130g of amphetamine was spotted at the post office and police followed up with a controlled delivery.

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