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DarkNet Video News Roundup: 23/4/16

This Week’s post from Dark Net News YourTube channel – Where you could find a weekly video aggregation of all the featured news of the past week.

The headlines for this week are:

All this weeks stories are generously aggregated and narrated by Dark Net News YourTube channel. Make sure you head over there, subscribe and show them some love!


  1. Where are the videos?

    Where can videos be found of the person that did “The Deep Web Myths: Dark Web vs Deep Web”, “Top Noob Mistakes” etc? Thanks.

  2. What has happened to his YOUTUBE channel??? It says- this channel has no content. wtf?

    • Jonathan Fortin

      No idea man, i was working on the french closed caption for his latest video. He suddenly stopped replying to comments(which he used to answer in less than half an hour). And when i came back to finish the CCs, there were no videos left. It really sucks, i just loved those videos and was ready to translate each and every one he would have done. Just have to wait and see i guess.

  3. how to sign up

  4. All you guys seems to live under a fucking rock.

    GOOGLE OWN US INTERNET ==> LITERALLY <== and they Own YOUTUBE literally.

    WTH is wrong with you guys!?

    US is a fucking Corporative Goverment and Every fucking thing is under the fucking brutal capitalism of what we call System [meaning how everything is linked and regulated]

    You Guys talk like you believe that really we have fucking free speech in this country. I cant fucking believe the social stupidity of this fucking nation.

  5. Fuck deep web

  6. i support you darknet

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