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BolehVPN Review

BolehVPN was founded in 2007 as a response to ISPs actions of blocking sites that were considered bad for the local society and content filtering. These actions stood right in front of the idea of a free internet and led to the birth of a new VPN solution that values clients’ anonymity and support P2P connections.


Since 2007, the solution grew and BolehVPN became one of the largest solutions for the South-East Asian area. Their quality of services and high level of support attract new clients and the network gets bigger every day.

One advantage point that helps them increase the client base is the fact that they also offer game server hosting solutions for the South-East Asia region. For the VPN solution, they currently have servers in 14 locations all over the globe:

  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Netherlands
  • Singapore
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America

About the company

BolehVPN is owned and operated by BV Internet Services Limited from Sheung Wan, Hong Kong – a company that believes in free internet without censorship. The BolehVPN project started as a response to their content being blocked by the local ISP and it grew to be the complete and rich in features solution we see today.

BV Internet Services Limited is the kind of company that puts value on innovation, customer feedback, and solution improvement. Even more, customers have access to a team of professionals and experts to help them in case of support needs.

To make sure users’ rights from everywhere are being respected and their data and personal information are protected, the BolehVPN solution is among the few services that actually offer P2P support and do not keep logs of internet activity.

BolehVPN Free Trial

They do offer a free trial period but just for 1 day. It is pretty short, but users will have enough time to test speed and software before making a bigger purchase. The process of getting this 1-day free trial is a bit annoying as the interested user has to contact the sales team (after they created a new account on the site) and ask for the trial with a short explanation that describes their intentions. It is a bit tedious indeed, but they answer pretty fast so users will receive their trial as soon as possible.


You will only see this information after you create an account on the BolehVPN website. The registration process is simple and fast, as all you have to do is provide basic information.


After registration and login, click the “Order Now” button on the top right corner and scroll down to Step 1 to see the information. You will then have to send an email to sales@bolehvpn.net, with the subject “Request for Free Trial”. In the email you have to specify why you want access to the free trial software.

The difference between the trial period and a full-time user is in the features available. The trial account is limited as features go, but offers a short glimpse of how life behind a VPN solution feels like.

They also implement a Money Back Guarantee policy but only with the Full Package and only if there was a technical malfunction and the user couldn’t benefit from the service. The user must contact the support team, and if they are not able to fix it, a refund will be made.

>> Click HERE to Visit the BolehVPN Official Site

Interface & setup

The first interface a user gets in contact with is the site. The BolehVPN site looks nice and promotes a clean and easy to use interface. Most of the basic information is well presented and any user will be able to find the necessary specifications. We considered they could have been a bit more explicit on some aspects, but for now, this is all we’ll get.

After registration, a user has access to the User Panel, where the information about available plans and software clients are richer. Each installation and setup is thoroughly explained, but the steps are simple.

First, you have to access and select the device and operating system you want to install on, from the installation list. We chose the client for Windows from Desktops/Notebooks category.


The client’s interface is easy to understand and use, as all the complex settings are completed automatically. The software client will ask for a username and password (the same set on the site for registration) in order to give access to the interface.


After this step is completed, the user will have free access to set and configure the client interface and behavior. If you don’t want to make any changes, all you have to do is click the Connect button and a secure connection will be done fast.


If you want to change the default GUI settings, all you have to do is access the Settings tab and change the selection.


Also, you can set the Update Configuration to Never to make sure your configuration is not overwritten.

If you want to check the status on one of the servers, just go at the service status tab, select the server/service you want to test and click on “Detailed Ping”. You also have the option “Ping All Servers”, but this action will take a bit.


The connection type can be changed in order to fit your requirements and speed necessities. This only requires choosing one of the following available options:

  • BolehGeo – special option that is best for accessing video and audio streaming services that are blocked based on geographical information (Netflix and Spotify for example) – this channel is not encrypted for more speed.
  • FullyRouted – mostly for general use and includes both safe P2P and privacy needs. This configuration needs no other settings and all the traffic is routed through the VPN using military grade security.
  • Proxied – this configuration allows users to separate their internet traffic in two channels: one that goes through the VPN and one that goes through the ISP. The user has to specify which programs should go through the VPN. This configuration requires a bit more advanced setting, but all the information is available on the site.
  • SurfingStreaming – encrypted channel that has access to more locations than the BolehGeo and uses commercial grade encryption for more speed. This configuration won’t allow P2P access.
  • xCloakProxy – this configuration is the most secure in the list of options. There are two layers of security that protect users’ data and traffic, hiding them from any curious eyes.



The BolehVPN solution implements the OpenVPN protocol, which is more secure and recommended by specialists, but users also have access to the L2TP protocol. Unlike many other solutions on the market, BolehVPN doesn’t include PPTP support, but this is not a major disadvantage given the fact that this protocol is highly insecure.

The OpenVPN protocol uses a 256-bit encryption for almost every connection except those created especially for streaming and surfing the web (these use a 128-bit encryption for increased speed). The encryption is done with the AES algorithm, promoted by professionals as being fast and very secure.

BolehVPN solution is protected from HeartBleed bug and implements Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) with SSL/TLS.


Privacy is taken very seriously by the BolehVPN team and they promote transparency in their relationship with customers. The fact that they are currently based in an offshore location (they are a Seychelles incorporated company) allows them to actually implement that privacy policy that states:” no logs will be ever kept”. They are outside of both EU and US jurisdiction and no one is forcing them to monitor traffic and activity. Even more, VPN servers are independent and they don’t communicate with the main database that has the customer information.

If requested, they will have to share the information they have, but this is not much since there are no actual logs.

There are only two reasons for which logs could be kept temporarily and this is to identify fraud and technical issues. The logs will be kept until the problem is identified and fixed, after which they will be wiped out.

As a precautionary measure, they keep a warrant canary active that can be accessed here (bolehvpn.net/canary.html). In case they are forced to be silenced by various institutions, here is where users can find out.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy: http://www.bolehvpn.net/privacy-faq.php

Connection Speed

The BolehVPN solution implements a series of configurations that allow the user to personalize the connection according to the speed they need. The connections that are created for more speed are indeed fast, but they lack encryption. Users who are interested only in streaming services that block them based on geographic location, will have access to fast connectivity, that doesn’t differ by much from the normal speed.


The software client is easy to understand and very intuitive. Even more, all the settings are pre-defined so non-technical users can use the client as is, without any setting modifications. As described above, the software is easy to install and, once this step is completed, there will be no other installations required.

According to the chosen connection configuration, the BolehVPN solution can be used for the following activities:

  • access to services like: Hulu, Netflix, HBOgo, Pandora, Fox, Crunchyroll, CBS and others;
  • secure file transfer using powerful encryption;
  • anonymously surfing;
  • protection against data sniffers and governmental agencies;
  • protection against identity theft attempts.



The main features that the BolehVPN solution supports are as follows:

  • Good Internet connectivity for configurations that don’t require powerful encryption.
  • Free and unlimited access to the internet without worrying about censorship or other limitations.
  • Protection when accessing public hotspots.
  • Complete anonymity and protection of privacy due to their location and quality of services.
  • A wide network of servers available all over the world.
  • OpenVPN (the most secure VPN implementation on the market) and L2TP.
  • Offers access to P2P file sharing.
  • No limits on the bandwidth.


To make sure anyone gets to use their great solution, the BolehVPN team created software clients for the most popular operation systems at the moment. Thus, the solution is compatible with:

  • Computer
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Apple Mac OSX
    • Linux
  • Mobile
    • iOS
    • Android
  • Routers for an enhanced protection of the entire network

With BolehVPN, the standard package offers the possibility for two simultaneous connections, so a user can connect from both the PC and the mobile phone, at once, using the same account.


Pricing and Checkout

Like most of the solutions out there, the package offer is simple and the only thing that differs from one package to another is the time period. According to the period of time users are willing to subscribe to this service, the price may vary between $9.99 (30 days subscription) and $79.99 (365 days subscription). There are also available the $16.99 (60 days) offer and the $44.99 (180 days) one.

For users who didn’t manage to feel the software and the solution during the 1 day trial, there is also a 7 days paid time period that costs only $3.70 but offers complete access to the solution for the specified time period.


The checkout process is simple and fast. Once the user is decided on the type of subscription, the “Pay now” button becomes available and the user must register the details for their preferred payment method.


They accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal,
  • BitCoin,
  • Credit and debit cards,
  • Dash
  • XEM
  • Malaysian customers have the possibility to pay directly via online banking and ATM cash deposits.

The payment process is protected using standard SSL protection so the financial information would be kept safe.

>> Click HERE to Visit the BolehVPN Official Site


The support team is highly professional and fast in offering answers and solutions. A user has the possibility to get in contact with an operator using the live chat option on the site (when available) and via the ticketing system included on the user platform. The ticketing system will be available after a user creates an account.


They can also be reached via email (support@bolehvpn.net) and the FAQ section is rich in technical details and other information.

In Conclusion

The BolehVPN is a secure and reliable VPN solution and a good option especially if you live in Asia. Due to their geographical positioning, they are allowed to implement powerful privacy policies and, even though the subscription price is a bit steep, the quality of is pretty good to make it more worthwhile.

All in all Boleh VPN is not a bad option but there are definitely others that have better features, are quicker and cheaper. Refer to the VPN comparison chart here.

>> Click HERE to Visit the BolehVPN Official Site

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  1. I have been using BolehVPN for some years now and I can tell nothing but positive experiences. It’s fast and when I write fast, I mean it! Download speed nearly as good as without the vpn connection. Customer service is a friendly team and I already feel like I’m one of their friends. I really enjoy using the software. It’s exactly how it has to be, simple, fast and friendly.

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