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Energy Control Testing Fund On Agora & Nucleus

An important Harm reduction project was recently launched on Agora forum & Nucleus forums offering Up-to-date Cocaine Purity Tests from various Darknet Market vendors. This project was started by Guru2543, CokeheadSR1 & Elmo666 and currently offering dozens of test results. We were happy to help by giving this initiative better exposure:

Nucleus Forum Thread: http://z34uj4opd3tejafn.onion.sale/viewtopic.php?id=6093
Agora Forum Thread: http://lacbzxobeprssrfx.onion.sale/index.php/topic,64373.0.html

Dear Community:

To better allow each of our members Elmo666, CHRS1 and Guru2543 contribute to these forums, we’ve created a single ECTF account.  When one of us responds, we will be sure to sign it, so you know which of us has responded.  This takes a bit of the load off me and allows information to be posted more quickly, should I be away for some reason (vacation, illness, etc.).

Additionally, this thread will be a one-stop-shop for all ECTF related communications… tests, announcements and other communications.

As you know, we are only able to do this with thanks your donations.  Your donations can be sent to wallet here:  1Hq6xxFFEFdzuQHtrx8GPQf7NGE6g287oX

Additionally, those of you who purchase EZTests or similar home tests, can support ECTF by purchasing their tests through our Affiliate account.  Using the following URLS, we will use the Affiliate commissions to help fund more tests.  These are Testikits and they are based in North America and manufactured by the same manufacturer as EZKits.  That doesn’t mean they are the same, but this manufacturer does provide police service agencies with products, so we hope these products are reliable.   We are currently testing them against the EC Lab results we get.  When you purchase the kits using the links below, we will receive a 15% commission, which we will apply to the testing fund.

*Cocaine Purity Tests:  http://testkitplus.com/product/cocaine-purity-test-kit?ap_id=kharma2001
*Cocain Cuts Tests:   http://testkitplus.com/product/cocaine-cuts-test-kit?ap_id=kharma2001

Energy Control Testing Fund ~ Mission, Vision & Values

Mission: – To provide darknet buyers with the ability to make informed purchases with regards to the quality and content (adulterants or otherwise) of their drug purchases.  Initially the ECTF will focus its efforts on Cocaine only.

Vision: – To inform the purchases of buyers to such an extent that vendors work harder to obtain clean cocaine – or to wash their cocaine before selling their product on the darknet markets. By providing information to the community, vendors who offer the best product will be rewarded by more purchases, while vendors offering poorer quality products will see decreasing sales and demand… and hopefully, eventually, we will see more vendors offering higher quality products with fewer adulterants that have the potential to cause life-threatening illnesses.

1.  Transparency – ECTF will always be transparent about the nature, location, quality, environment and any other factor relating to a purchase and its resulting test results.
2.  Honesty – Test results will be provided to the community in an “as-is” state with no alterations, modifications or exclusions of information.
3.  The ECTF team will always act with the communities best interests in mind.
4.  The ECTF will consult with the community to ask for feedback with regards to major decisions and the selection of vendors to be tested by ECTF Team
5.  The ECTF team will provide a monthly (or every 2 months depending on the level of activities) update of activities, an overview of the amount of donations received by the fund and an accounting of donor btc spent.  Additionally, the ECTF will discuss plans for the month ahead and solicit your feedback with regards to future activities and priorities.  This update will allow the community to see how it’s participation and support is having a direct impact the efforts and impacts that the fund is making.

Although we have funded the first 6 purchases and tests, we’re going to need your donations to keep this effort going.

We have been fortunate to receive 3 donations to date, amounting to approximately 55 dollars (enough for 1 test!).  So please know that even the smallest donations help and you can continue to send your donations to us at:  1Hq6xxFFEFdzuQHtrx8GPQf7NGE6g287oX

Additionally, those of you who purchase EZTests or similar home tests, can support ECTF by purchasing their tests through our Affiliate account.  Using the following URLS, we will use the Affiliate commissions to help fund more tests.  These home tests are called Testikits.  They are based in North America and therefore cheaper for people in Canada & the USA.  They are made by the same manufacturer that makes EZTests and that makes field testing agents for law and border enforcement – so we hope they prove to be an accurate source of home testing for buyers.

This is a great way to fund ECTF by doing something you’re already doing.  Just use the links below to buy the kits – and the ECTF will receive a small commission that we can use to pay for testing.


  1. It is just a shame that guru has a history of being a d!ck on the forums.
    otherwise, good project. The more we can warn people about the dangers of Levamisole tainted cocaine the better for everyone. I cannot believe these greedy people are cutting cocaine at the source with a poisonous animal de-wormer.
    Does greed really know no limits.
    Say NO to Levamisole tainted cocaine!

    • CosmicEntity

      Or, say No to Cocaine in general. Pick a better substance to do that will Ultimately only benefit one without any negatives. #PsychedelicLove.

  2. you should better explain why you removed without any reason or explanation anarchia market, got paid by therealdeal admin or what?

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