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Ear Gauges



Even when I was a teen, I could never understand why people got ear gauges.

The pain I associate to having a hole that large on the earlobes versus the style that can pulled off just does not seem justified. Also, I always wondered what happens to the earlobes after the hole is closed. Do they just hang droopy, or do they somehow manage to retain the most original state?


  1. Just like i dont understand how people can walk around skinny or fat as fuck and still manage to judge others…

    • ironic isn't it?

      The op was judging people for getting gauges. The commenter was judging people based on weight. I’m judging them both as being judgmental. People judge others based on a combination of fact and past experience. Human nature.

  2. Freemon Sandlewould

    Morons get tattoos and piercings for external validation. I feel sorry for their retarded asses.

  3. What OP doesn’t realize is that there is virtually no pain in stretching your ears. I have mine stretched. When it comes to stretching your ears, if you do it properly and with the right equipment, there should be very little to no pain. Also OP, to a certain point your ears will shrink back to normal size. I believe after you breach 00g (1cm) they don’t shrink back all the way, but they do shrink a significant amount.

    • I bet that’s not the only thing you’ve had stretched.

      You didn’t tell us why you did this stupidity. You can’t possibly think it looks good. So other than attention seeking… is there anything?

      The next guy might be the most pathetic. False cause, in the first part of your nonsense, ‘AKA’. The second is even better though.

      “Chances are you are not judged for yours, so lets try not to be so important as to think your form of thinking or being is superior.”

      Really? What chances would those be? What basis do you have for setting odds on anything? None whatsoever.

      No, when one is correct, they’re correct. ‘Form of thinking’ hahah what an idiot. YOU DO X, IT RESULTS IN Y, where is the ‘judgement’ in that? Nowhere as it doesn’t enter into the equation. You’re just a little dummy who doesn’t know up from down and who can’t accept responsibility for their actions. You aren’t the edgy teenager you imagine yourself to be. NOTHING you do is YOUR idea.

      No more ordering drugs from the dark web for you.

  4. Why does one get a hair cut? Why lose weight? Why tan or worry about too much sun? Why trim your nails or shave your face, or legs. All forms of body modification. Chances are you are not judged for yours, so lets try not to be so important as to think your form of thinking or being is superior.

  5. love it I got plugs in I am 43 & tattoos my 15 year old girl does to .

  6. stretched ears have ben a thing for thousands of years!
    They are found in different tribes across the globe, native americans had them, the pharaos of ancient Egypt had them, the incas had them and buddha statues has it.
    Big holes that could fit large jewellery was a beauty thing, and in some cultures it was a way to show off wealth.

    This doesen’t explain the reason why people have them today, the reasons are very different I think, for some poeple it’s just a fashion thing.
    For others, like me, for a fascination of ancient cultures.

    Body modifications have always been fascinating and beautiful to me, I never wanted to look like a standard office guy trapped in the matrix, because I’m not!

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